Xbox 360 sees double sales in Europe

Microsoft announced today that European sales for the Xbox 360 have more than doubled due to the recent adjustment of the retail price, "significantly broadening the console's audience" it says.

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SickNick853841d ago

it's true, but it is 30.000 console a week under the ps3

bad news with the 100 € cut for console...

sonarus3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Double sales is impressive, but still not enough to meet up with the competition

Tomdc3841d ago

what I like is how upcoming multiplatform releases are supposed to help 360... lol

masterg3841d ago

I might be the VGcharts that are wrong. (Would not surprise anyone)
But they show the 360 doubling in sales and then quickly going down in sales to something way less than double.

chaosatom3333841d ago

It's because of gta. Both consoles will sell a lot. There is going to be a report that ps3 quadrupled.

Homicide3841d ago

Yep, it still fails to outsell the PS3 weekly. Poor microsoft.

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Snukadaman3841d ago

The xbox 360 is cheaper then the should be trouncing it right now in the uk...with more games...I just dont get it...bring that price cut to North America and Im sure things will be different.

heyheyhey3841d ago

its definitley not a simple as that

yes, most people initially look at the price when deeciding what next-gen console to buy- but there are many other factors involved

the most significant being brand recognition- people see Playstation, people trust Playstation

im not suggesting anything so as to not hurt your feelings, but that IS the general mentality of the casual consumer

heyheyhey3841d ago

as opposed to Americans?


ignorant American child

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

So they sold 4 consoles then!!! ;-D

PopEmUp3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

when it come to selling a product but before making a price cut you (the company) must know when is the right time to used that but if you make it a wrong time, it can affect how the product will sell.

Look at the 360 for example if you make a price cut while your console is still selling a good rate but cutting a price to remain competitive with your competitor is also a big risk to take, but if your product is brand recognition then a price cut would've not affect in many ways.

But with the M$ name and especially an American brand people in Europe would not know this company as reliable Hardware company and especially this company is known as a software giant, which only good at producing software but in the hardware department there have been no word of what so ever that their product is reliable, so therefore the price have draw the product down the hill and this would probably made the consumer in Europe think, the only reason why the product have a price cut is simply because the product is not as reliable as the company once told them, so therefore this will result in loosing consumers.

So with that reason you see a decline in hardware for the 360 in Europe once the price cut been happening. But in the other hand Sony PS3 is on the rise why is that, that is question you need to think ( well it's mostly the anticipate software that have been recent release on the platform) but let see if there will be a big leap for the 360 once GTAIV release

Z F1GHT3RS3841d ago

in england many shops are offering deals.
xbox 360 elite £249.99 with free GTA 4 plus free £10 store credit and free microsoft point were i live. (kent, south east england)
that is a good deal. so really an elite cost £200
some weird named shop is doing it. i think certain Game shops do it.
but that is a good deal. for many people to go next gen.
my thoughts are that GTA wont make as many people awith to the next gen as you think. obviosly it will sell and sell millions on xbox360/ps3 alike, but i dont think it will make how ever many millions left to make the next step IMO

(obviosly i will get the mandatory 5 disagrees for commenting but thats my £2)

good gaming every one and enjoy GTA 4, thats what it is there for, not to argue but to give you a good experiance.
gd gaming for both sides.

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MURKERR3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

'we got outsold due to shortages' talk for this month',wonder what it will be next month?
double figures is so vague,because they have still been outsold 4months straight so doubled from what?

their pr department should get fired

v1c1ous3841d ago

but then again...

sony DID fire their pr department...

yanikins1113841d ago

Nearly pi$$ed myself... Bubble

LeonSKennedy4Life3841d ago

And what a great move that was!

They need Jaffe to talk about their games...

Ghoul3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

whatever :)

dragunrising3841d ago

Its being outsold every month by is it the console of choice in Europe? It sells better in Great Britain but elsewhere less. The amount of software sold however is pretty solid in comparison to PS3. Many people purchase PS3 as a movie player instead of a games centric player. There is no denying this as I've seen it many times. When I was waiting in line to buy a Wii (one of several unsuccessful times) I would converse with atypical/non-gamers who were waiting to buy a PS3 for blu-ray. Its a great selling point for gamers and non-gamers alike. I wonder if people buying it for blu-ray only impacts software sales.

heyheyhey3841d ago


the PS3 software sales were double that of 360's

and i know thats according to VGchartz, but still- its the only info we've got

crck3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Yes, the 360 has a 7 to 1 attach rate after 27 months on the market to a lowly 3.8 to 1 on PS3. What it does not mention is that the PS3 has only been on the market in Europe for less then 13 months. So the attach rate is pretty even if adjusted for months on the market if not higher on PS3. I wish people paid me to spin things like these guys do.

BTW thats the beauty of Sony's PS3 business model. People buy the ps3 for games and Sony makes money. People buy the ps3 for blu-ray movies and Sony makes money. Win-win situation for them.

dan-boy3841d ago

ofcourse it sells more software???????/ when that attachment rate with the 360 is 7-1. pull your head out of the sand!

the 360 is more than popular in the uk, and sony wont catch it up there this year no-way! the rest of europe is sonys already! the fact that sony only outsells microsoft by a small margin in the uk, and the 360 has been out for considerably longer, just shows how popular it's become over here!

Lucreto3841d ago

It is catching up in the UK it took less time for the PS3 to break the million barrier than the 360.

heyheyhey3841d ago



i was merely quoting what VGchartz posted, and that is PS3 sold a cumulative total of around 600,000 games and the 360 only 300,000

read what people say child

dan-boy3841d ago

i've read some of your enlightened rubbish in the open zone, you should stay there permanently!

and now vgchartz is reputable?? lol. i was under the impression that it was just estimates?! ofcourse the ps3 was gonna have a good month software wise...gtp was just released!

anyway, if i was wrong then i'm sorry! but one month of decent software sales does'nt really come near the 360s attachment ratio does it?

child lol i wont bother telling you how old i am. but i would bet that i'm older than you puppy! adieau!

HardcoreGamer3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

i can say exactly same for the wii, a couzin of mine bought wii for his 3 lil girls and boy, and they have NOT bought a game since 7 or 8 months since no purchase.

wii is being bought as a toy, for kids, just like buying blu ray for movies, but everybody knows that wii is hitting the market better thank 360, have you seen how bad 3rd party titles are sellin on the wii, ps3 is already beating the wii's sales in 3rd party stuff. n heck keepign up in 1st party stuff.

Kojima touches kids3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Attach rate for 360 was first revealed to be 4.2 in January 2006. By Christmas 2006 the attach rate was 6.3. It has now risen to 7 as of early 2008.

Anyone who has a simple grasp of math. As in the ability to add 4 to 4 and get 8.(4+4=8) Can see just how big the gap is between software sales on 360 and PS3. Think about it. The 360 has had a higher attach rate at launch than the PS3 has had in 17 months on the market.

Also don't bother mentioning the delayed release of the PS3 in Europe as the PS3 is purchased in all 3 of the major worldwide markets. The 360 is only bought in 2.

gta_cb3841d ago

you are correct =) when i got my Xbox 360 in October 2006 i got 4 games with it =)

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