New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots Show Lightning Wearing Yuna’s Kimono

In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Lightning is going to get a costume reproducing Yuna's Kimono from Final Fantasy X, and today you get to catch one more glimpse of it, thanks to a few screenshots.

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ShinMaster1702d ago

This is getting a bit desperate.

Square Enix is like "Please like our game! We know she's bland, but looks she's wearing outfits from your other favorite FF games!".

zerocrossing1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

It would be funny if that wasn't so true...

Lightning Returns better be a damn good game because Square Enix desperately need a return to form for Final Fantasy.

Personally, I don't think an MMORPG they had to rebuild from the ground up because of how awful the original build was, counts a return to form.

Abriael1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Final Fantasy XIV -> That way. It's already out.

Edit: considering how great the MMORPG is, it does, a previous game (since they're two completely different games) has nothing to do with it, and surely doesn't change its current quality.

Eonjay1702d ago

This looks awesome. I want this game!!!!

Abriael1702d ago

You do know that Lightning is one of the most popular FF characters in Japan right?

So much for "we know she's bland".

zerocrossing1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Would she be if Squenix hadn't marketed the crap out of her?

In Japan popularity is round down to the flavour of the month, the next FF leading lady will be just as popular...

So, I guess from having lived in Japan and having conversed with many people there about FF-IIIX, Lighting Returns and Lightning being undeservingly popular, I still wouldn't know any better than you?

Maybe you need to accept that your opinion is built on flimsy foundation.

(Final Edit)

When did I state that my opinion was the majority view? I simply stated that the vast majority of people in Japan who I've spoken with don't feel as though Lightning deserves to be so popular.

In fact many believed that if FF_XV had a release date slated along side Lightning returns then then the game would completely over shadow it. Hence why we see no mention FF-XV during TGS.

If you want to go around with your head in the clouds, simply follow along with the general Concensus. Believing that the mass media dictates quality by promoting what's currently popular then fine do, but don't make it sound as if the degenerative turd the FF-IIIX franchise has devolved into is deserving of any of it's past, current or future acclaim.

Abriael1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

@zerocrossing: she was since the first Final Fantasy XIII. So yeah, you're completely wrong. Accept the fact that there are people in the world that don't share your views.

(edit): a few people you may have talked to aren't a statistic, mate.

PS: you aren't the only one that lived in Japan and speaks with Japanese gamers. Maybe you should just get over yourself :D

As a matter of fact no. You don't know better than anyone else, despite the fact that you desperately think that the equation you = the majority is valid, it simply isn't.

trickman8881702d ago

Lightning being one of the most popular FF characters in Japan only proves that people in Japan have bad taste.

ShinMaster1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

What does popularity have to do with anything? She's far from being one of the best FF characters. She's just so boring.

And her popularity is due mostly to her appearance.
Pink hair, cute yet revealing outfits and more recently, tapping into the nostalgia factor with costumes from classic characters.

wishingW3L1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Lightning is not even popular in Japan and most otakus hate FF13 just as much as the western fans (except for the delusional hardcore weaboos of-course). The only reason they keep buying FF13 sequels is because FF is the only JRPG that has a Triple A budget and high production values.

If you want to make an experiment then go make an account on 2CH and ask them what they think about FF13 and Lightning, and then write an article about the perception of FF13 in Japan. Now that'd be something worth reading @Abriel but you'll have to find someone that speaks Japanese though. ;)

filipakos1702d ago

@zerocrossing "Would she be if Squenix hadn't marketed the crap out of her? "
Same goes for FFVII and cloud

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KonsoruMasuta1702d ago

I rather see her watering Yuna's outfit from X-2. Those booty shorts would look great on Lightning.

Kurisu1702d ago

Praise be to...the Saviour?!

feraldrgn1702d ago

Oh dear.
Doesn't this hint at Lightning fanfare being in FF10 or FF10-2?

Kurisu1702d ago

Maybe Lightning will be a secret Aeon? She could be the forth Magus Sister! The one that was born due to a Paradox. Such is the power of TIME AND SPACE!

feraldrgn1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

In case some don't think I'm serious:

Agreed, I seriously hope not.

chikane1702d ago

well at least this shows that light is not as pretty as yuna..

Simple. god that dress really looks bad on this chick..

rainslacker1701d ago

Yuna had a simple elegance to her character which made a rather traditional Kimono work for her. Given her spiritual and traditional nature, it all tied in really nicely.

I'm not a lightning hater, her character is adequate, just poorly delivered, but this just doesn't really fit her at all....particularly the trailers we've seen so far of XIII-3

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