Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Talks The Last Guardian: “Production is Continuing, Please Feel at Ease”

Many have been wondering about the fate of the PS3 title The Last Guardian. Has it been canceled? Converted to a PS4 title? Or maybe production is continuing normally but just slowly? Today SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida cleared the doubts about the game.

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deep_fried_bum_cake1738d ago

That's good news. I just wish it would move a little quicker as we've been waiting for years.

ooquis1738d ago

When you think about it....GTA V almost 5 years in development. So TLG better be amazing!!

cactusjack1738d ago

GTAv had over a hundred people working on that, TLG was being made by a handfull of people. maybe sony handed it over to one of there larger studios.

admiralvic1738d ago

Just because it was announced X years ago, doesn't mean it has been in development for all those years. It could have been shelved, people put on other projects and many many other explanations.

This starts to make sense when the only news I recall reading about in the past 2 years is that it's still being developed. Always a good sign when all you hear is "it's coming", yet you see / hear nothing.

Same thing happened with DNF. People complained that it didn't seem like a game with a 15 year development cycle, when it was cancelled / hardly worked on / restarted another of times between announcement and release.

FamilyGuy1738d ago

Come on, they obviously had to hunt down and kill all the other guardians before this game could be released so it would make sense. It just took longer than they expected.

Vitalogy1738d ago

LOL at this point I could care less what they say about this game, they should come clean once and for all.

steven83r1738d ago

At this point it may just flop. Hype has died down and we're gonna expect a bad ass game when released. It better take advantage of PS4 otherwise not sure if it was worth the wait for a PS3 port. Can just hear the haters talk crap at how this PS4 game looks like a PS3 game even though it originally was.

starchild1738d ago

I'm really happy that it is still being made. ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are two of the best games I have ever played.

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Ezz20131738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Feel at Ease ?!...FEEL AT EASE?!

Abriael1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

look forward to it. :D

Ezz20131738d ago

at this rate
can't wait to play it on my ps20

nerdeu1738d ago

If the game isn't announced in the first half of 2014 WITH release date I will f*cking develop it myself!

VonBraunschweigg1738d ago

Might as well start now.

Any news to share? Releasedate?

kingPoS1738d ago

Feel at ease that it's not canned.

That's good news right?

PickAShoe1738d ago

Don't kill anyone just yet :P

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Pancit_Canton1738d ago

The Last Guardian Resurrection

pwnsause_returns1738d ago

The last guardian: revengence

Barneyco1738d ago

Any bets on which will come out first, The Last Guardian or Half Life 3?

Barneyco1738d ago

I would have to take a week off of work to play both of these. Hopefully its sooner rather than later.

medman1738d ago

How devastating would it be for this game to suck hard like Duke Nukem when it finally releases. Fanboys would be throwing themselves off bridges.

TheEnigma3131738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Nah, they already created two masterpieces with Ico and shadow of colossus; I doubt this will be nothing short of an instant classic. i

admiralvic1738d ago

Duke Nukem might not have ever been a master piece, but they were fun / interesting games for the time. DNF could have been a fantastic game, but it was poorly managed, which resulted in all the issues, which is possible of any developer.

kingPoS1738d ago


Most of everyone knows to steer away from a trolls bridge. I'd throw myself off too, to avoid dealing with dem trolls.

Less extreme Fanboy's can be smart too.

admiralvic1738d ago

Unlikely. Duke Nukem Forever was not as terrible as everyone made it out to be (don't mistake this for me saying it was amazing either) and did not have a 15 year development cycle. It had a bunch of restarts / redos / staff downsizing and was pretty much dead for 2 of those years. Towards the end they just wanted to finally release the game and so we got a rushed product.

Anyway, thats just how some of these things go. Like I recall reading it takes 1 month to make a dynamic theme on the PS3 (before they were super lazy mind you), which is absurd when you think about it, but makes sense when it was probably a job a few (1 - 4) people were working on between other projects / work. I mean, something like 120 hours to make 1 PSN theme sounds absurd.

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