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Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Talks The Last Guardian: “Production is Continuing, Please Feel at Ease”

Many have been wondering about the fate of the PS3 title The Last Guardian. Has it been canceled? Converted to a PS4 title? Or maybe production is continuing normally but just slowly? Today SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida cleared the doubts about the game. (PS3, Shuhei Yoshida, The Last Guardian)

deep_fried_bum_cake  +   523d ago
That's good news. I just wish it would move a little quicker as we've been waiting for years.
ooquis  +   523d ago
When you think about it....GTA V almost 5 years in development. So TLG better be amazing!!
cactusjack  +   523d ago
GTAv had over a hundred people working on that, TLG was being made by a handfull of people. maybe sony handed it over to one of there larger studios.
admiralvic  +   523d ago
Just because it was announced X years ago, doesn't mean it has been in development for all those years. It could have been shelved, people put on other projects and many many other explanations.

This starts to make sense when the only news I recall reading about in the past 2 years is that it's still being developed. Always a good sign when all you hear is "it's coming", yet you see / hear nothing.

Same thing happened with DNF. People complained that it didn't seem like a game with a 15 year development cycle, when it was cancelled / hardly worked on / restarted another of times between announcement and release.
FamilyGuy  +   523d ago | Funny
Come on, they obviously had to hunt down and kill all the other guardians before this game could be released so it would make sense. It just took longer than they expected.
Vitalogy  +   523d ago
LOL at this point I could care less what they say about this game, they should come clean once and for all.
steven83r  +   523d ago
At this point it may just flop. Hype has died down and we're gonna expect a bad ass game when released. It better take advantage of PS4 otherwise not sure if it was worth the wait for a PS3 port. Can just hear the haters talk crap at how this PS4 game looks like a PS3 game even though it originally was.
starchild  +   523d ago
I'm really happy that it is still being made. ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are two of the best games I have ever played.
Ezz2013  +   523d ago
Feel at Ease ?!...FEEL AT EASE?!
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Abriael  +   523d ago
look forward to it. :D
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Ezz2013  +   523d ago
at this rate
can't wait to play it on my ps20
nerdeu  +   523d ago
If the game isn't announced in the first half of 2014 WITH release date I will f*cking develop it myself!
VonBraunschweigg  +   523d ago
Might as well start now.

Any news to share? Releasedate?
Hicken  +   523d ago
Please be excited.
kingPoS  +   523d ago
Feel at ease that it's not canned.

That's good news right?
PickAShoe  +   523d ago
Don't kill anyone just yet :P
Pancit_Canton  +   523d ago
The Last Guardian Resurrection
pwnsause_returns  +   523d ago
The last guardian: revengence
Barneyco  +   523d ago
Any bets on which will come out first, The Last Guardian or Half Life 3?
thejoker1000  +   523d ago
at the some time
Barneyco  +   523d ago
I would have to take a week off of work to play both of these. Hopefully its sooner rather than later.
SolidGear3  +   523d ago
Once it's finished.. :3
medman  +   523d ago
How devastating would it be for this game to suck hard like Duke Nukem when it finally releases. Fanboys would be throwing themselves off bridges.
SolidGear3  +   523d ago
I like DNF
TheEnigma313  +   523d ago
Nah, they already created two masterpieces with Ico and shadow of colossus; I doubt this will be nothing short of an instant classic. i
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admiralvic  +   523d ago
Duke Nukem might not have ever been a master piece, but they were fun / interesting games for the time. DNF could have been a fantastic game, but it was poorly managed, which resulted in all the issues, which is possible of any developer.
kingPoS  +   523d ago

Most of everyone knows to steer away from a trolls bridge. I'd throw myself off too, to avoid dealing with dem trolls.

Less extreme Fanboy's can be smart too.
admiralvic  +   523d ago
Unlikely. Duke Nukem Forever was not as terrible as everyone made it out to be (don't mistake this for me saying it was amazing either) and did not have a 15 year development cycle. It had a bunch of restarts / redos / staff downsizing and was pretty much dead for 2 of those years. Towards the end they just wanted to finally release the game and so we got a rushed product.

Anyway, thats just how some of these things go. Like I recall reading it takes 1 month to make a dynamic theme on the PS3 (before they were super lazy mind you), which is absurd when you think about it, but makes sense when it was probably a job a few (1 - 4) people were working on between other projects / work. I mean, something like 120 hours to make 1 PSN theme sounds absurd.
josephayal  +   523d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if this ended up getting moved to the PS4, and maybe xbox one
Bathyj  +   523d ago
5h4h4b  +   523d ago
X1. You mad bro?
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DigitalRaptor  +   523d ago
I'm surprised people are still shocked by josephayal's trolling after all this time.
adorie  +   523d ago
He trolls both sides. Lol.
admiralvic  +   523d ago
Well it's not like genuinely stupid people aren't on this site. Like the person who wrote the blog about his GTA V download. Yeah it sucked that Rockstar gave incorrect information, but come on...

Extremely popular game
Open World (meaning huge file size)
Slow PSN servers

Amazingly slow download.

Not like anyone with a decent connection and PlayStation Plus couldn't have predicted this from the start. Yet they seemed confused by this and started to question if this would be a problem next gen (perhaps one of the most widely questioned aspects of DD).
Welcome2Die  +   523d ago

Sometimes I honestly just think he's retarded....
I mean really? a game made by SCE going to the xbone?

Either he's trolling or hes a full retard.
yellowgerbil  +   523d ago
If they never bothered with Knack and instead put all their guys onto Last Guardian. Think of having that a launch game...
Hicken  +   523d ago
I doubt that would have made much difference at all.

In any case, I'm still eagerly anticipating The Last Guardian.
tulholdren  +   523d ago
I'm Ready
JunioRS101  +   523d ago
As gamers, we tend to be impatient. We want it NOW and we want it to be GREAT, no excuses.

But The Last Guardian is something special, and I'm willing to be satisfied with what Sony IS giving us (KZSF, I:SS, Deep Down, Resogun, etc.) and allow them to make TLG another epic 10/10.

As long as they haven't cancelled it, I guess that's good enough news for now!
5eriously  +   523d ago
"At the moment the Japan Studio has reached an amount of people and resources allowing us to work on the titles we want to make: Gravity Rush by Toyama (Keiichiro), Puppeteer by Gavin (Moore), and of course The Last Guardian by Ueda (Fumito). Even if priority has been given to the development of Knack and Puppeteer you don’t need to worry. Please feel at ease, because production of The Last Guardian is continuing.

However, since at this stage we cannot give further updated information, we will introduce it once again when we’ll be able to communicate that information with confidence."

This should be good, fantastic and on a next level... It better be after such a long wait!
-Foxtrot  +   523d ago
Thought this was going to be announced at TGS....shame
Inception  +   523d ago
Cmiiw, but i read somewhere that Yoshida said Sony Santa Monica also helping Japan Studio to completed TLG. If this true, than looks like TLG already moved as a PS4 game. Ueda and with the help from santa monica will build new engine so they can make better A.I and world for TLG.
Visualift  +   523d ago
While the roadmap for TLG may not be ideal I have complete faith in Team ICO. It wouldn't surprise me if they [Sony] have this scheduled for a holiday release next year — would be perfect timing to cary the growth of the system as it heads into its second year.
Evil_Ryu  +   523d ago
they should just pass it off to one of naughty dogs studios...game would be sick!
isarai  +   523d ago
No, ND is amazing but not the right people for this kind of game
isarai  +   523d ago
well this makes me feel a bit better, but i wasn't all that worried to start with, from Sony's history they only cancel games VERY early in development, once full production start they follow through and finish it no matter how long it takes. I also don't get people who get pissed over waiting for a game when all they have to do is absolutely nothing. how can you be pissed about doing nothing? impatient buttholes
Gamer666  +   523d ago
I gave up on this game long ago. When it comes out, it comes out.

I know it will be good and I will buy it... But, the hype has long left the building.

This used to be a reason to buy a PS3... Now it is just another example of how Sony has had project after project delayed on PS3. The only devts that seemed to have really truly master the PS3 were Naughty Dogg, Sony Santa Monica, and Sucker Punch.
feraldrgn  +   523d ago
Coming to mobiles!
...I would die inside.

I hope it lives up to the Team ICO name when all's said & done.
Kaiou  +   523d ago
Hmmm , which one is going to be released first, this or Kingdom hearts 3 ?!! time will tell.
Game0N  +   523d ago
The Last Guardian: Resurrection Edition (Exclusive to AMAZON) CONFIRMED!

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