Final Fantasy Agito TGS 2013 Trailer

Square Enix just released the first trailer of the upcoming smartphone JRPG Final Fantasy Agito, that will be set in the same world as Type-0

* The trailer contains Final Fantasy Type-0 ending spoilers.

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vishmarx1706d ago

smartphone game?not a single F*** given !no!

levian1706d ago

Bring it to the damned Vita already! They say smartphones are hurting the Handheld market, then go and do this. Wtf?

Magicite1706d ago

too bad its not coming to consoles, also moogle looks funny


I thought last time I heard about this game, it was a PSP exclusive and not cel-sahded. It is stupid that it won't release on PS Vita.

KonsoruMasuta1706d ago

This is a completely different game from what you're talking about. Type O was the PSP exclusive. This is an IOS and Android spin off.

Inception1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

What a wasted time and potential. They should remake Type-0 with this graphic and than release + localize it on console and handheld (i don't care if multiplat / exclusive), instead of making this for mobile :(

XisThatKid1706d ago

I'd rather not be anymore negative than the essence of this comment. I have nothing to say but felt expressive *sigh*

TheDivine1705d ago

Looks damn good, better than most vita titles tbh. RPGs are one genre that works on touchscreens but I'd much rather have it on vita or 3ds. More than that I'd like the psp game localized.