GTA 5 Online Mode Supports 32 Players, Multiplayer Activities Listed

Gaming Blend "Scouring through the network configuration settings shows a number of administration tools and options that will be available. Given that this is the Xbox 360's configuration settings it surprised me to see that the game will support a max number of 32 players, even though the box indicates a max of 16 players. For those of you who have the “common” folder you'll find it in an XML for the network options – you can look through the files if you need verification."

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TrevorPhillips1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

I thought so because in the first trailer in the end how they show the GTA online they show 32 people all around. Can't wait for GTA Online :D

Swiggins1703d ago

"All the players and servers go through Trevor Phillips Enterprises, OR THEY AINT GOING!!!"

Gonna be sweet.

XB1_PS41703d ago

I'm at 93% completion! These servers can't go up quick enough! Hurry up, T.

ThanatosDMC1703d ago

^Wtf? You need to sleep too... hahahah I'm at 34% or something.

mikeslemonade1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

PVP is gonna be lame with auto-aim. Just freaking turn it off for multiplayer mode!

1nsaint1703d ago

^ like gta iv, im pretty sure it wil have both modes to choose from.

The auto aim pvp is actually pretty deep in other rockstar games like red dead and max payne. The trick is to free aim towards the head after you lock on, also you can still hit a enemy when he's outside your auto aim range by free aiming.

Personally i like the auto aim pvp cause its a nice change of pace from other shooters which al use free aim

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r1sh121703d ago

while 32 to players is great, the back of my xbox and ps3 disc case says 8-16.
Maybe 32 to for PC?

KiLLeRCLaM1703d ago

If BF3 has 64 players PC version of GTA can do that as well, no??

r1sh121703d ago

Doubt it, not to say that its impossible but 64 players on an entire city.
BF3 does not have anywhere near the graphical complexity of GTA V

FlyingFoxy1703d ago

Better if the game lets us select the amount we want, rather than a fixed amount.

32 should be the minimum, 64 max and after that it should let us go higher if the server creator so chooses.. with a map like V has, it needs a lot of players in it.

I mean even SA-MP's 200 player servers still don't use up the whole San Andreas map, but it is a lot of fun with that amount of players.

ThanatosDMC1703d ago

It's 32 for the PS3 and 16 on 360 according to neogaf. I doubt it but there you go.

lex-10201702d ago

It's different. GTAV is trying to load an entire city. BF3 is only loading one map at a time where the only things moving are the players and whatever they interact with. GTAV has thousands of things moving all the time. So imagine trying to upload and download thousand of moving objects every second while you're connected as well as trying to constantly upload and download 64 players that are interacting with those objects and making them behave outside of the normal programmed routines.

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3-4-51703d ago

32 is solid.

Can we steal other people's cars and sell them ?

Don't think we can in the single player, which is my only complaint of this awesome game so far.

Pintheshadows1703d ago

It'd be waaay to easy to farm money that way. Considering that there are many luxury cars all over northern Los Santos.

3-4-51703d ago

Not really, you could put other things in the game to balance it out.

If you steal a really good car you automatically get 4 or 5 stars on you so it makes it that much more difficult to get away.

Steal a crappy car that sells for 5k, and maybe you get 1 star.

Pl4sm41703d ago

it could go 32 because the single player renders so much

though im not sure if the framerate would hold stable if everyone shot rockets and explosions around

porkChop1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Actually if you count in the first trailer there's only 14 players I think. Definitely not 32. Anyway, just because the XML file says that the *max* is 32, that doesn't mean that the game will actually support 32. That could just be for the inevitable PC and next gen versions. 32 on PS3 and 360 sounds very unlikely.

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Shuyin1703d ago

Hmmm....still...I doubt my old ass PS3 can do more than 16 players in this vast open world.

Shuyin1703d ago

??? Wtf you on 'bout?
My net's just fine.
And ppl still agree with that coment...

MajorLazer1703d ago

What I meant was, all PS3 consoles are the same (hardware wise) irregardless of model and so it would be a slow internet that would limit you online. I did not mean anything bad by it, apologies if I came across like that

XB1_PS41703d ago

Dust slows them down. You have a 6 year old machine. Sometime that'll cause hiccups.

Shuyin1703d ago

And by "my old ass PS3" I mean every PS3. Might've described it wrong. But oh boy the hate is strong in this

MajorLazer1702d ago

Hate? I have nothing against you

0pie1703d ago

Have you ever heard about m.a.g?

it clearly has nothing with your ps3 if it can hold more than 16 players or not, even in starhawk you were able to get 32 players online at the same time.

FragMnTagM1703d ago

M.A.G. didn't have anywhere near the strain that GTA 5 would put on your machine while multiplayer gaming.

Everything was bland and undetailed. There was hardly any physics, certainly no traffic algorithms, no pedestrian algorithms, and so on.

M.A.G. had to be toned down very much to support that many people.

The only place that will support more than 32 players for GTA will be PC. I doubt if the consoles will go over 16.

lex-10201702d ago

What are you going on about? If they want 32 people to be playing at one time on your ps3 they are going to make it so 32 people can play on your ps3. The only thing that would prevent you from being able to would be your internet.

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GrandpaSnake1703d ago

so i should buy this game now right?

TrevorPhillips1703d ago

should've bought it from the start my friend

TheGrimOfDeath1703d ago

You got 130$ on you? That's the price for the Standard Edition in Saudi Arabia because it's banned here.

XB1_PS41703d ago

@TheGrimOfDeath If this game was somehow $130 in the USA. I probably would've still bought it, and said it was worth every penny.

Not trying to disagree with you, that's just my opinion.

LiQuiZoN1703d ago

No. Wait on the definitive ps4 version like me!

TheSaint1702d ago

No, you should have bought it Tuesday.

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Drainage1703d ago

i might buy it just for cops n crooks. thats the only fun thing about the last gta4 game. i dont give a crap about all the other tennis or golf shit

TrevorPhillips1703d ago

The overall game is awesome my friend. Buy it!

sourav931703d ago

How's the overall exploration factor of the game? I loved games like Skyrim where there were tons to explore. I've owned every single GTA since Vice City, but I've never finished a single one. Usually the story isn't good enough to make me want to finish it, or I get distracted with cheats. But I'm hoping GTA V would be different.

Swiggins1703d ago

GTA V is very different from the previous Grand Theft Autos.

For one, missions are actually fun to complete now, i.e. you do more than just drive and kill dudes. The heists in particular are incredibly fun and you're gonna wanna keep playing the campaign just to see what happens next.

There's also a tremendous amount of potential for mayhem and destruction. One of my favorite things to do is to hijack a Buzzard from the military base and then reign terror down on those lousy beachgoers!

Easily the best GTA ever, I highly recommend it.

XB1_PS41703d ago

Tennis and gold, while being awesome, are not even close to this best parts of the game. The best part is getting attached to the characters' stories. All the while heisting the biggest banks in Los Santos.

KwietStorm1703d ago

The best form of poke her.

waltercross1703d ago

Have the stripper do lap dances get the Like meter up and you can take her home to her place. ;)

PickAShoe1702d ago

Poker + Stripper = Strip Poker