IGN: Tamagotchi Corner Shop 3 Preview - They're back, and they brough ice cream

IGN writes: "You can't get rid of Tamagotchis. They've been here for over a decade now and it doesn't look like they're going anywhere. So we weren't surprised to see the virtual pet aliens appear at Bandai Namco's Editors Day this week. We got a chance to check out their newest title Tamagotchi Connection Corner Shop 3 and see what's up in TamaTown.

The Tamagotchis are hard at work again, and you're going to help them. There are over a dozen new shops in TamaTown, which means over a dozen new minigames to play. Dessert-loving Tamagotchis want ice cream. Studious Tamagotchis are trying to unearth stuff at the archeological dig. And self-centered Tamagotchis are getting beauty makeovers."

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