Building of the Tokyo Game Show Xbox Booth Showcased in Timelapse Video

You have to admire people that fight against the odds, and that’s exactly the role of those working at the Xbox division of Microsoft in Japan.

Their latest effort was building up a rather impressive booth at Tokyo Game Show.

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drsfinest721581d ago

i love timelapse videos. i dont care what the timelapse is about lol

Kingthrash3601581d ago

yeah time lapse vids are awsome...i wish we could timelapse to 11/15!!

gaelic_laoch1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

@ Kingthrash360

A bottle of vodka a day might speed up your perception of time!

Kingthrash3601580d ago

already doing it...i black out, wake up the next day and STILL feels like an eternity!