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Bottling the Spirit of Seattle in inFamous: Second Son

From GameSpot: 24 new screens from inFamous: Second Son (PS4)

Ezz2013  +   681d ago
the gfx is incredibly Epic
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5h4h4b  +   681d ago
I am so hyped for this game. :)
strickers  +   681d ago
Who would have thought the most next gen looking game so far would be huge open world. I've just played 2 again with my son. Still good. I expect big things from this. There's no next gen game I want more.
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I wonder how alive the city will feel compared to GTAV.

Infamous is my fav sandbox game. But when the story is over there usually isnt much else to do but terrorize civilians. The mission editor in iF2 was ok for a short while, but it became apparent that gamers arent developers lol.
kazuma999  +   680d ago
Psh i live their and the only thing that looks like it is the space needle.
isarai  +   680d ago
god the atmosphere is amazing!
Sevir  +   680d ago
I saw some of these on their FB page... I had to do a double take... The visuals for this game are very arresting

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