Check Out the New Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Gameplay Demo Showing Daytime Infiltration

During a Stage Event at Tokyo Game Show Kojima Production showcased a new gameplay demo of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and more precisely of the Ground Zeroes prologue, this time around showing the infiltration of the camp during daylight, with results that can be defined not exactly stellar.

Also included the new night time demo, that went a bit differently from two days ago.

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deadfrag1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

GREAT!Making first tactical infiltration than another guns blazing!

Abriael1705d ago

I'm still laughing at the epic fail at the end though lol. Kojima was right in saying it could go bad :D


This day demo is really better and more interesting than the previous night one. It shows how much the environment is big thus the need for vehicls is mandatory. Also the interrogation part is unbelievably realistic because it is mocapped.

abzdine1705d ago

looks great but i hope they're not gonna make it CQC centered like Peace Walker.

starchild1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

These are really fantastic graphics. Especially the lighting. I personally think this looks better than some of the other next gen games people talk about for visuals.

Northtouch1705d ago

Finally footage of some gameplay mechanics in action! And damn looks impressive. The CQC looks awesome and incredibly fluid, also i dont understand some of the issues that people are saying about the marking system; if it bothers people that much then just dont use it. I understand some people want that intense stealth experience, but this is MGS moving forward and expanding the core mechanics.

I personally like it, and if and when i get to certain points in the game i'll decide wether i want to use it or not.

Be part of the growth midset, not the fixed one.

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Lord_Sloth1704d ago

I find this funny because I've always used both options in all MGS games to date. I'll do a Stealth Run and then I'll do a Guns Blazin run. It only turned into a firefight because he failed at Stealth which, correct me if I'm wrong, MGS has always done.

yellowgerbil1705d ago

This is not metal gear. Where's the stealth. This worries me.

Abriael1705d ago

'cause you know what metal gear is better than its creators. Go figure.

Hufandpuf1705d ago

If they made it a first person online game made by kojima, would it still be metal gear?

Abriael1705d ago

@Hufandpuf: yep, because a game's creator decide what that game is, not you.

abzdine1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

what you are saying makes no sense..
can i say that i understand what FF or Resident Evil are better than its creators when i see what these series have become? i think i can!
Fans are the reason why these companies are breathing.
this video shows NO stealth and yellowgerbil is right to mention it.. it's a more or less big area with 3 ennemies that you can spot using the camera. Also, the AI seems pretty retard!! watch from 6:13 when he will executes the two soldiers, no reaction what so ever from them..
i'm disappointed over this video, i cannot see what makes this game next gen tbh..

AznGaara1705d ago

Not sure what demo you were watching...

wishingW3L1705d ago

Metal Gear getting the Resident Evil treatment. lol

TheDarpaChief1705d ago

You wish metal gear would stoop to that pre rendered background franchises level

starchild1705d ago

We'll see.

At least there is Splinter Cell Blacklist to get my stealth fix, and it is amazing.

SlyGuy1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Like previous Meta Gear Solids, I am sure you have the OPTION to use stealth or go guns ablazing.

v6volume1704d ago

I guess you didn't see the night demo. Plus.... This is a demo on low difficulty.... for demo purposes. In any game, it's the users choice for course of action. If you want to go COD, then the day demo is for you. If you want Shadow Moses then the night demo is for you.

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Lovable1705d ago

That gameplay looks like a cutscene...Looks sooo good

Omar911705d ago

this regenerating life bullshit has gone to far. Snake acts like a sponge. Also is it me or is he running like he's flash or something? I know this is when big boss was in his prime but geez he looks like he's running a tri-aphelion with how fast he's going.

xc7x1705d ago

i agree,little too much bullet sponging

greatcrusader441705d ago

He's playing at the easiest difficulty because time restraints, a lot of the hitman like features are disabled in higher difficulties and I'd imagine you die easier, since easier difficulty usually means you have more health.

Ripsta7th1705d ago

When big boss was at his prime he was unstopable!!!

Abriael1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

It seemed to me that they just turned invulnerability on in order to finish the demo.

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