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GODofDOOMS3688d ago

this video makes me wanna read the book now

not many people commenting cause it nothing about console wars -_-

NIN643688d ago

Agree, and agree! Bubble!

DRUDOG3687d ago

Very, very interesting. My wife is a teacher and, it took awhile, but I have her convinced that games are not the problem for "today's" youth. The claims of video game violence causing some of the recent incidents is no different than a lot of other stimulus that "those in the know" (sarcasm) have blamed in the past. Anything from comic books, rock and roll, dungeons and dragons, rap music or violent films/tv have been used to try and prove the growing violence of our society.

Much thanks to the researchers for providing some really interesting evidence that, if true, should (but I won't hold my breath) burst the violence in games bubble that a lot of politicians or "leaders" try to use when good old fashioned parenting should be the focus.

Farsendor13688d ago

notice that people don't comment on the stuff thats not system wars. anyways this is a different take on video games. and i wouldn't mind reading this book either.

ianp6223688d ago

It's sounds like an interesting book, but I'd like to have it replicated by other researchers. Just because I'd like to believe it doesn't mean it necessarily holds more weight than the other studies.

grilledgorlupa83688d ago

its more like kids who dont have fun while growing up will be at risk but thats just something ive notice while growing up

vox3688d ago

i made this exact same argument for a research paper, citing how violence among youth has gone down, especially during the release of some of the most popular and violent videogames of our time
my professor ended up liking the paper, but her comments were so negative on each of these points
i just wanna email her this and show her what the most extensive and expensive study on this subject has found... exactly what i argued last semester
im not sure how kids are at a greater risk without them , showing more aggression... i tried to argue that they werent as exposed to reality and were more sheltered and coddled
i think the best case they make here is when she explains that kids want to teach their parents for a change
problem is the parents are so indifferent about playing games... its a waste of time to them if its not some other form of media like music, news, television, movies heh
though some parents do get into the wii.. they just need to look passed wii sports

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