Holy Batman - GTA V PC Petition Surpasses 500,000 Signatures

DSOGaming writes: "With the release of GTA V on consoles, PC gamers decided to show Rockstar how desperately they want this title on their platforms. A petition for GTA V PC was launched a couple of months ago, and PC gamers have been constantly impressing us with their dedication on that petition. Two days ago, the petition of GTA V PC was under 400K. And today, this petition has finally broken the 500K mark."

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gaelic_laoch1703d ago

Jaysus one would think there is nothing else worth playing on a PC if they are so eager for our console games!

TekoIie1703d ago

"Jaysus one would think there is nothing else worth playing on a PC if they are so eager for our console games!"

Yeh. ONE would think that... Because only ONE person could think of something so stupid ;)

Ezz20131703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

i really don't get why they didn't make pc version for this game
it's a multiplat game by 3rd party dev
it should be on every system
if it was exclusive to sony or MS i would understand
but i can't find a single reason of why there is no pc version of this game when every single part of GTA was also on pc

Feralkitsune1702d ago

They likely are, but it probably isn't ready to be released to the public. They would have put most of their effort into getting the 360 and PS3 version out the way first, then maybe PC, version and then PS4 and Xbox 1 version if there will be a next gen version.

pandehz1703d ago

Lol majority of ur games are shite.

We just want GTA, that counts as one.

clmstr1703d ago

GTA started on PC. So shut your mouth please.

Stsonic1703d ago

No it's just one wants to play the game in the way one intended to make it.

wtopez1703d ago

There IS a lot of games worth buying. There's literally decades of games worth buying (seeing that PC doesn't have a backwards comparability issue at all). It's just that GTA V is an exceptional game that's being dragged down by the ancient consoles. When you get to see GTA 5 running in true 1080p @60+fps I'm positive you'll understand.

gaelic_laoch1703d ago

"exceptional game that's being dragged down by the ancient consoles"

The mask slips! For majority of PC gamers it is more about the graphics and FPS, Textures.......... then the actual game itself! It is none of my business to be honest if PC owners want or get GTA but I make it my business to let PC gamers know that games like GTA is more than just pumping out more mods and FPS!

CrustifiedDibbs1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

"The mask slips! For majority of PC gamers it is more about the graphics and FPS, Textures.......... then the actual game itself!"

right, because it was pc gamers that were arguing about textures on roofs the other day lol.

i guess you must have missed the console comparisons where a bunch of fanboys claim superiority over barely noticeable graphical differences and one or two fps. there were 200+ comments in those articles.

not to mention the sony elitists bashing xbox one games over resolution and framerate in just about every next gen article.

starchild1703d ago

Oh, please, if you and your Sony loyalist brethren haven't been bashing the XB1 over the most minor graphical differences.

I game on the PC for many reasons: the wide breadth of fantastic games, the greater innovation found in many PC games, the full backwards compatibility with the history of games on PC, the awesome mods that expand and enhance games, and, yes, the high visual fidelity and smooth performance.

I don't deny for a second that I enjoy the better graphics and performance I get on PC. Why should someone be ashamed of that? It would be like someone being ashamed of buying a Blu-ray player to enjoy the better image and sound quality the format offers over DVD.

I enjoy great graphics in games, but what is even more important to me is the visual fidelity. A game can have simpler graphics and I'll enjoy it just fine, but I want it to be clean and to run well. I don't want its visual design to be ruined by screen tearing, poor texture filtering, lots of jaggies and a stuttering framerate.

Ragthorn1703d ago

Don't worry about gaelic_laoch, he is just a Sony fanboy, I almost always see him in every Xbox and PC article to bash it, and in PS articles he glorifies it. Why can't he just stick to his PS and leave other people alone who chose the what they did, I believe the real gamer doesn't bash another gamer's platform just cuz its not his.

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Ron_Danger1703d ago

500,000 sign the petition for PC... Which translates to 10,000 copies sold, 490,000 illegally downloaded.

You guys dug your own grave with pirate bay... Why don't you guys petition them to shut down??

Magicite1703d ago

pirate bay is old, there are many much better sites nowadays

Ron_Danger1703d ago


You just proved why they shouldn't bring it to PC.

aliengmr1703d ago

Even if your numbers were correct, which they aren't, that 10k would be profit for them anyways. So, piracy isn't even an issue.

starchild1703d ago

Your claims are absurd. If only a small percentage of PC gamers buy their games why did PC games generate 20 billion dollars last year?

That is a huge sum of money when you realize that that figure only includes game software and not any PC gaming hardware sales. It's also amazing when you consider that the entire gaming industry--both hardware and software--only generated around 65 billion that same year.

So PC game software alone accounted for nearly one third of all revenue generated in the games industry last year.

I'm sick of console games like you who hold on to their delusions and just ignore all the facts.

Ragthorn1703d ago

Lol alot of people pirate console games as well, not as much but definitely some. As well as people like me who buy ALL of his games on sale (hint hint Steam Summer and Holiday Sale), so one does not have to go through the process of pirating a game.

Feralkitsune1702d ago

Tell this to the thousands of 360 and PS3 players who pirated, and spoiled tons of plot details of GTA V, BEFORE IT EVEN LAUNCHED.

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starchild1703d ago

Your console games? This is a third party franchise that has always been on the PC. Rockstar just likes to stagger the releases.

Ragthorn1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Excuse me gaelic_laoch, this game STARTED on PC it would seem. So why are you calling it a CONSOLE game, it is a multiplatform game that started on the PC. Jaysus some people are misinformed.

3-4-51703d ago

There are 500,000 signatures because of the mod possibilities and graphical update.

Feralkitsune1702d ago

no, because it's a decent game. Also, I doubt they would give any dev tools for the game. So, if there is any custom content coming, it will be years down the road. Since people will have to find their own ways of editing files, which could break other parts of the game since it won't be official tool modifying it.

Just like with GTA IV, which honestly didn't have any worthwhile mods. Also, ENB overlays aren't really mods. They are just that, overlays for DX9 games.

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Ohlmay1703d ago

I've got 200+ games in my Steam library, I'm fine for games, but GTA V on PC needs to happen, it's a sin to explore such a rich and detailed world on such old hardware that runs at such a low resolution with texture pop ins and a fluctuating frame rate. The mods for GTA V will be insane, I cannot wait!

clmstr1703d ago

Speaking of mods.
Just look what people are able to achieve using Icenhancer and road mods with GTA IV. Wow.

Ragthorn1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

I humbly agree with you sir, I personally have 300+ games to go through, and I wouldn't mind adding GTA V.
I will wait for the superior version and its sleuth of mods that will appear for me to salivate at.

Chrono1703d ago

And only 50,000 of them will actually buy the game.

Deividas1703d ago

Dude thats getting annoying with the whole "PC Market is all pirates" There are more honest people on PC than you think.

gaelic_laoch1703d ago

"There are more honest people on PC than you think."

I am sure there are but there are also alot of dishonest pc gamers that could bring the whole gaming industry down with illegal downloading if left unchecked!

Deividas1703d ago

They are left unchecked. How do you stop them? You cant and yet the community is as strong as ever.

clmstr1703d ago

Indeed. We, PC gamers, are ALL pirates without an exception.

Chrono1703d ago

I didn't say all PC gamers pirate all games. I myself bought some PC games this year. But I'm sure most of those who want a PC port of GTA V won't really buy it which is a shame.

Bladesfist1703d ago

Yes I pirated all 300 games I own on steam

Dante811703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

This isn't 2005 anymore. PC has a bunch of digital storefronts making beaucoup bucks.

Plagasx1703d ago

I would like to invite you to torrent sites for GTA V on consoles.

Ron_Danger1703d ago

I would like to know how many of those versions actually work on ps3??

Ron_Danger1703d ago Show
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thejoker10001703d ago

we all know that GTA V will eventually hit the PC i am just wondering about the people that says pc are all pirets i buy my games jack so shit th f*** up

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