Edge Feature: The Sims 3: Big Plans For Little People

Edge writes: "Will Wright's idea for a virtual dolls house was laughed out of the office in 1993. 15 years and 100 million sales later, EA has an entire studio dedicated to bettering the best selling franchise in videogame history.

Success on the scale achieved by The Sims is something of a poisoned chalice. If a game does something so right, for so many people, then any change to the formula could be viewed as a catastrophe. But if this prospect terrifies the folk behind the upcoming sequel, then it is not apparent.

"There's definitely a risk," says executive producer Ben Bell coolly. "I mean, we're doing it again, we could screw it up. But people do crave innovation. When we searched our own hearts or talked to our fans, people wanted their Sims to be able to go anywhere, anytime in a seamless neighborhood, be a part of a bigger community and have this new dimension for their stories and a new strategic dimension for the game. Just about everyone on the team is a big fan, and most have worked on The Sims and The Sims 2. We love the games and we know what isn't there and what we would like to add to the experience, change or simplify."

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