Orchid Confirmed For Killer Instinct On Xbox One

While watching an all new trailer for the upcoming Killer Instinct title for XBOX One, franchise mainstay Orchid was teased directly following the video.

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maniacmayhem1106d ago

From the little I saw of Orchid I am really digging her new look.

KI is definitely looking to be a very good fighting game.

Army_of_Darkness1106d ago

She looks a little better than she did in KI2...
Orchid, jago, fulgor, glacious and cinder should automatically be confirmed for this new KI cause it wouldn't be killer instinct without them!

CaptainN1106d ago

She looks horrible !!! looks like Lara Croft :/

Fireseed1106d ago

Ok I gotta ask... how does she even remotely look like Lara Croft?!?!

BG115791106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Maybe they have both the same bust size? >_<

No really, CaptainN@, a girl's faces is above the bust. Try looking at their faces sometimes.

DevilishSix1106d ago

I looked at her face and it looks nothing like Orchid, she was the fighter I mainly used for years and noone is going to tell me that is a modern Orchid, that is fn horrible looking face.

CaptainN1105d ago

I wasnt looking at her bust.....Im not a child looking at polygon boobs.....her face looks nothing like her past renditions, and she looks totally out of place !

mixelon1105d ago

She looked like terrible 90s inhuman cg with painted on clothing before. Its a good job they changed her a lot.

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Hicken1106d ago

Should't pretty much the whole cast be confirmed?

Bundi1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

No. The may be bringing more new characters and leaving out some.
Like in Mortal Kombat.

Hicken1106d ago

Mortal Kombat hasn't been gone for a decade.

Bundi1106d ago

Exactly, perfect time to reboot, reintroduce old characters and also introduce new ones.
It's a reboot, so a new slate to bring in certain characters while leaving others out without having to worry about canon.

True_Samurai1106d ago

they already confirmed 5 more characters a week after launch

nevin11106d ago

She looks like a fury from GOW Ascension.

PFFT1106d ago

She is looking pretty good.

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The story is too old to be commented.