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Submitted by apollo06 870d ago | news

Orchid Confirmed For Killer Instinct On Xbox One

While watching an all new trailer for the upcoming Killer Instinct title for XBOX One, franchise mainstay Orchid was teased directly following the video. (Killer Instinct, Xbox One)

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maniacmayhem  +   870d ago
From the little I saw of Orchid I am really digging her new look.

KI is definitely looking to be a very good fighting game.
Army_of_Darkness  +   869d ago
She looks a little better than she did in KI2...
Orchid, jago, fulgor, glacious and cinder should automatically be confirmed for this new KI cause it wouldn't be killer instinct without them!
CaptainN  +   870d ago
She looks horrible !!! looks like Lara Croft :/
Fireseed  +   869d ago
Ok I gotta ask... how does she even remotely look like Lara Croft?!?!
BG11579  +   869d ago
Maybe they have both the same bust size? >_<

No really, CaptainN@, a girl's faces is above the bust. Try looking at their faces sometimes.
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DevilishSix  +   869d ago
I looked at her face and it looks nothing like Orchid, she was the fighter I mainly used for years and noone is going to tell me that is a modern Orchid, that is fn horrible looking face.
CaptainN  +   868d ago
I wasnt looking at her bust.....Im not a child looking at polygon boobs.....her face looks nothing like her past renditions, and she looks totally out of place !
mixelon  +   868d ago
She looked like terrible 90s inhuman cg with painted on clothing before. Its a good job they changed her a lot.
Hicken  +   870d ago
Should't pretty much the whole cast be confirmed?
Bundi  +   869d ago
No. The may be bringing more new characters and leaving out some.
Like in Mortal Kombat.
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Hicken  +   869d ago
Mortal Kombat hasn't been gone for a decade.
Bundi  +   869d ago
Exactly, perfect time to reboot, reintroduce old characters and also introduce new ones.
It's a reboot, so a new slate to bring in certain characters while leaving others out without having to worry about canon.
True_Samurai  +   869d ago
they already confirmed 5 more characters a week after launch
nevin1  +   870d ago
She looks like a fury from GOW Ascension.
PFFT  +   869d ago
She is looking pretty good.
DaymanOooaahhh  +   869d ago
Killer instinct launching without Fulgore? That would be like a Mortal Kombat launching without Scorpion. Wait...that happened too
DivineAssault  +   869d ago
If this game scores well from credible reviewers, i might rent xb1 from my local video store to play around with it.. Considering all the initial setup steps dont require too much info.. Putting in all that then having to delete it may be more trouble than what its worth.. I dont care for dbl helix but i wont disregard this game nor the new strider.. Im not buying a console just for this though..
Bolts  +   869d ago
I like old Orchild a hell lot better with her sexuality cranked to the max. That's the Orchid that got my attention when I was a kid. Latex with T and A. This new Orchid with giant goggles is boring as hell.
jc48573  +   869d ago
she looks better than that Sandira.
maniacmayhem  +   869d ago
Maybe it's the nostalgia that's talking but you really thought that this:

was sexy?
DevilishSix  +   869d ago
DAMNIT! They went and screwed up the look of my favorite KI fighter. This is awful.
Kos-Mos  +   869d ago
Oh lord, they messed this up really bad.
supersonicjerry  +   869d ago
I just want to see Fulgore already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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