Zombie sightings in GTA V?

Images have surfaced online that show pictures of what appear to be real zombies in Grand Theft Auto V. Could this be Rockstars way of saying zombie themed DLC is incoming like Red Dead Redemptions Undead Nightmare DLC?

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THC CELL1644d ago

Lots of hints, posters. Listen to radio they talk about zombies too

Nitrowolf21644d ago

Not really a Spoiler tbh, he's just one of the random blue guys you encounter, he's an actor I think? IDK, I encountered him with Trevor and he's like ":y brother" and the zombie went out of character and started talking. I think.

Anyway, TBH I think they will do Aliens. To much surrounding it in this game

-Foxtrot1644d ago

I wouldn't mind a Zombie DLC....long as they add other paranormal/supernatural stuff like more Aliens, werewolfs, vampires, witches, ghosts etc.

Imagine nearly the whole map full of these would be like a survival game.

THC CELL1644d ago

There is a survival mode look at online trophies

WeskerChildReborned1644d ago

I think that sounds interesting. Might be overdoing it when you add vampires and werewolves but if they can do it right, that'd be sweet.

ZHZ901644d ago

I'll buy this if it happens but make PS4/X1 version 1st.

KonsoruMasuta1644d ago

They shouldn't let any other versions push back possible add one and DLC. I'm all for next gen version but supporting what's out now should be their top priority.

animegamingnerd1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

i am definitely with you i rather have DLC like the lost and damned, gay tony, and undead nightmare over a next gen version of GTA 5

chinlu1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Yeah the zombie is an actor. He goes out of character and starts talking about how shite his job is and if your playing as michael he says something like "its a job kid, keep after it" and the dude starts acting like a zombie again.

Nothing to see here but holy ass GTA V Undead Nightmare would be fantastic.

WeAreLegion1644d ago

Thanks for the info. Bubble for that. I REALLY want a zombie DLC though. Or vampires. It worked very well in inFamous 2.