PSP Becomes Best Selling '2nd Place Platform' Of All Time

Game Focus reports: "According to VGchartz, lifetime sales of Sony's Playstation Portable have exceeded 33 million copies the week ending April 12, 2007, making the portable system the most successful second place platform ever created, passing Nintendo 64 lifetime shipments of 32.9 million units."

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SilPho3720d ago

They should put that on the box: "Best at almost being the best".

kwicksandz3720d ago

even though im really tempted to buy a psp, with the chains of olympus bundle id just thought up this

PS3 #1 selling 3rd place system!

MADGameR3720d ago

SONY PlayStation products are ALWAYS the biggest sellers in the gaming world.

SilPho3720d ago

I would hope you're being sarcastic, given what this article is actually about.

snakeater33720d ago

excuse my ignorance...but what is THE best selling platform of all time? i always thought it was the ps2 hitting the 120m mark.

SilPho3720d ago

Hopefully someone corrects me if I'm wrong, but I think the best selling console is the PS2, since the best selling platform is the Gameboy (Not including the GBA)

UltramanJ3720d ago

It's not saying the PSP is the second best selling console of all time, it's saying it's the best selling "second place" system. In other words, the N64 was in second place in it's generation. The Xbox was in second place last gen. Get it? It's the most successful "second place" system ever.

Gantrfaxx3720d ago

That's good. I'm glad that the PSP is getting attention it deserves.

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The story is too old to be commented.