IGN - Dynasty Warriors 8 - PS4's Dynasty Warriors 8 Gameplay - TGS 2013

IGN - Dynasty Warriors slashes it's way on to next-gen and we got to test it out.

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deadfrag1432d ago

This game is stoped in time since the PS2!

WarThunder1432d ago

This game is not made for you....

fsfsxii1432d ago

And yet, still fun than most of today's games

DeadlyFire1432d ago

They haven't changed much, but they have a fun formula that works and that counts.

The_Truth_24_71432d ago

Day one! No more randomly spawning enemies.

cactusjack1432d ago

there will be millions of asians that will stand in line for this game. this is asias Call of duty.

Neo-Axl1432d ago

Haha! look at his finger, Square square square square square square square!

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