Interview: THQ Exec Jack Sorenson: Part One - 'PC gaming is transforming'

After a challenging start to the year, in which high-profile franchises were canned, SKUs dropped and a studio closed following disappointing financials, Gamers Day 2008 was THQ's opportunity to show that its games strategy is back on track.

Heavy-hitting sequels like Saints Row 2, WWE and Red Faction Guerrilla led the way at the frenetic San Francisco event. But supporting the perennielly successful men in spandex was a solid showing of brand new IP from the publisher's sizeable studio portfolio, from open world racer Baja, to Wii jamming session Battle Of The Bands.

THQ's creative output is the responsibility of worldwide studios head Jack Sorenson. Finding a quiet spot away from the old E3-style mayhem of the main event, he sat down with to explain what went wrong last year, and why he believes the publisher is striking back stronger than ever.

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Farsendor13810d ago

is baja multiplat? i hope so
well smackdown 09 has got to be better last years sucked. i don't watch wrestling but i sure do like playing the games but they just have to improve on the graphics and gameplay.