Eurogamer: Don King Presents: Prizefighter Preview

Eurogamer writes: "Don King really does present Venom Games' new boxing endeavour. From the very first screens, hairstyling's answer to the brillo pad is everywhere - there are samples of his voice in the 70s themed funk music, and a deep red, posterised picture of his face looms ominously behind the menu screen. And that's even before he starts talking at you (excitedly, and at great length) in some of the game's many, many live-action video clips. This, after all, is a paean to the golden age of heavyweight boxing, the 1970s - and it's hard to deny that Don King, arguably the sport's most famous and most successful promoter, was a pivotal figure in that era.

The career mode in the game is, according to 2K Sports, its pivotal feature. It's certainly the game's most interesting and novel aspect. Beginning with a flash-forward to the start of a fight near the end of your career, it takes the format of a sports documentary - with a series of talking heads discussing the career ascent of your character, The Kid, through the ranks of the greats in the 70s."

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Robearboy3812d ago

To playing this on my xbox 360, apart from Fight night 3 there are no other boxing games around, i hope it gets a good review