Monster Hunter 4 Enjoyed The Highest Debut Of The Series

Last week, Capcom released Monster Hunter 4 in Japan. The Nintendo 3DS game sold 1,715,060 copies in its first week. Japanese sales tracker Media Create reports that this represents 91.96% of the game’s initial shipment.

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n4f1732d ago

its shouldnt come to the 3ds , bcuz its it will not sale well--
oh wait..

ZoidsRaven1732d ago

Yeah, I had no doubt the game would sale well.
Don't know why people keep trying to say that there is no market for games like this on the 3DS, when evidence to the contrary exists everywhere. 7_7

SpiralTear1732d ago

Just wait until Pokemon X/Y get released. The 3DS games are kicking it into overdrive this year.

amodestoccasion1728d ago

Between Zelda, Pokemon, Etrian Odyssey, and Rune Factory 4... I'm going to be busy with 3DS games for a while.

RTheRebel1732d ago ShowReplies(2)
Khordchange1732d ago

Capcom must be lovin Nintendo right now

TongkatAli1732d ago

Rockstar is loving Sony and Nintendo. Capcom don't like them, lol. Capcom has lost a ton of money off those two platforms.

Misaka_x_Touma1732d ago

of course that why Megaman is in Smash Bros.

PrimeGrime1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )


Is that why Inafune is practically having to fund his own Mega Man game because of how often Capcom abandoned the franchise? Yea that is lovely Capcom was giving enough to cancel every other Mega Man game and just tossed the character into Smash Bro's.

As cool as that is, it is far from the respect Mega Man has gotten over the years. If anything it is kind of disrespectful knowing how Capcom has treated the franchise in the past to see them just cashing in on the character alone instead of putting effort into actual new Mega Man games instead. They could do both point being, giving up on the franchise basically but still putting the character in games is not necessarily the way to go about it.

That is like if Nintendo just stopped making Zelda games and said screw it, lets just throw Zelda in other Nintendo franchises as an appearing character only. Sure fans of the previous Zelda games would love that.

TongkatAli1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Ooops! I meant Rockstar loves Sony and Microsoft and Capcom is loving Nintendo. Rushed too hard on that message before i went into the tunnel : /

AbortMission1732d ago

Lol, tell that to Resident evil Revelations.

It's pretty obvious that Nintendo paid for exclusivity rights for Monster Hunter since almost all of Capcom's games are available on all other consoles. Looks like Nintendo should've paid Capcom more cash to save the dying Wii u.

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medziarz1732d ago

man, Sony's failed with this one really bad :/

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