GTA V isn’t always visually impressive

Remember the epic looking almost unbelievable GTA V trailers? When you look a the final product, it doesn't look nearly that great. The game is full of distracting jagged edges and low-resolution textures.

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pat_11_51644d ago

I still think the game is a technical achievement, just parts of it look really bad.

badz1491644d ago

it looks OK! at least better than both GTA IV and RDR. best looking game? that's pushing it too far. but still...for the game that it is, it's pretty impressive.

theWB271644d ago

Relative to other open world games on consoles...not compared to a FPS or adventure game. The density, variety and expansiveness in this game makes it one of the best looking open world games.

Thisisjuju1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I agree it looks OK.

There are so many jaggies in the game and the graphics are certainly lacking in some parts.

You have to consider however how much is going on in the game. The world itself feels more alive than any world they have previously created. Ultimately that means compromising in some areas.

Overall I'm very happy with the product.

EDIT: I agree with camel_toad, out in the country is where the game really shines. I also quite like the city vistas at night.

Boody-Bandit1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

The visuals are fine by me. What I have a hard time with is the frame rates and camera angles at times. I get vertigo with games that don't have smooth frame rates and the camera has a mind of it's own. I had to stop playing the game a few times because of it.

The good thing is the more I play games like this the more I build up a tolerance to where I will be able to play for hours on end without issue. I just wish I would hit the level of tolerance sooner rather than later. I'm headed back in again right now.

trywizardo1644d ago

dude with massive world and great lighting and epic scale witch you can see the far far mountains while you're in the city this game is perfect , and if you hate the graphics then you're a PC just hating on the game ...

SnakePlissken1644d ago

Looks ok? What? People thought TLOU was some big graphical achievement and that was nothing compared to this! Game looks amazing! Everyone i know cant stop praising the graphics. Most realistic game ive seen!

RumbleFish1644d ago

Of course the trailers look better than the final game. R* allways shows PC footage. But PC haters still think the game will be ported to PC. LOL!

Dee_911643d ago

I wish R* would've made a satire piece for graphics wh0res.I thought it was known that you would get more jaggies with 720p.Its like that with GTA IV and countless other games for me.Thats why I don't play my games in my room because my tv max output is 720p.On my big TV I barely notice any jaggies.Not that its really a problem in my opinion.

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camel_toad1644d ago

It definitely has its graphically weak moments but when you're out in the country with towering mountains in the distance and you can see for days it's downright beautiful.

cell9891644d ago

my only complain with this game is the bad active camera when operating a helicopter, even driving a car at times, the camera deeps too much and you cant see ahead, especially going downhill real fast, you constantly have to work the free camera joystick to adjust your front view

US8F1644d ago

In the options menu when you press start, you can switch to another view mode

linkenski1644d ago

The only camera issue i really have is the annoying panning to the left/right when you climb ladders. I want control over the camera, I even move it as I drive most of the time to check corners in time.

Crazyglues1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

@ people who think it does not look good-

LoL.. doesn't look good at times.. you gotta be kidding me...

It's amazing all the time, it's so good that sometimes you forget that your on current gen - current gen is doing this....

Yeah if you want more detail then this I think you really need to open your eyes, because this is last gen, you need to get a PS4, because you expectations are getting crazy...

I've never seen another game that looked this good, the detail in the house and apartments is crazy, the detail on clothes and tattoos - come on! you gotta be kidding me..

Dam game looks amazing.... and this is on PS3.... Are you on an HDTV because I don't know what your looking at if you think this does not look amazing..
(go get your glasses because u can't see sh*t)

||.........___||............ ||

linkenski1644d ago

I don't know about the whole "Technical achievement" thing. It does look pretty, like an uncharted-meets-gta kind-of-way but the overall feel of the graphics isn't as good as in GTA IV imo. GTA IV wasn't very colorful but I felt there was a certain 'fullness' to the graphics that GTA V doesn't have.

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Nes_Daze1644d ago

It looks great graphically, for the type of game it is. People are too anal about graphics, some of the best games of all time weren't really impressive graphically, while some of the most impressive games when it comes to graphics turned up to be mediocre or just good at best...

Stop complaining like girls and play the damn games...

cell9891644d ago

except The Last of Us, great graphics great gameplay = ace

Nes_Daze1644d ago

I agree, and there are games that look better than TLOU graphically but don't come close to being as good overall.

SnakePlissken1644d ago

GTA 5 has TLOU beat in every way possible! Graphics are far superior! What on earth are you smoking?

SnakePlissken1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

@Sephir and Action

No way, no how, no chance!!! You both are wrong here! Its even been proven, you two knuckleheads! GTA 5 pushed far beyond what consoles can do graphically. TLOU did not achieve this.There were some very dull textures with way too many jaggies in TLOU! Dont be such haters, just look at all the numbers then, if you dont believe me.

If anyone needs to get their eyes checked its the both of you. Go take a stroll down by the beach or the trailer park and tell me that does not blow away TLOU, with all its dark underground tunnels and boring cityscape! You both are definately high as kites over there! Better graphics that GTA 5, lol! By the way, my eyes are perfect.

Ezz20131644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )


you wasted all your bubbles (which you don't deserve with the way you talk)
attacking TLOU when it have nothing to with this article
also you compare sales of multiplat game that is knowen to pretty much every single person on the planet to a new ip that still mange to sell almost 5 million and scored 95% with 98 reviews so far on ONE console lol

and you say it already proven that GTAV look better than TLOU ?!
where is that prove ?!...your rare?!
is that why Digital Foundry in it title for TLOU tech article wrote this:.:
{Next-gen now?}
and all sites said TLOU is almost a next gen title on current gen consoles ?!

and what sad and funny that you think your opinion is a fact
GTAV look great for open world game
in fact it's the best looking open world game on consoles and the irony here
it look and play the best on ps3
which xbox fanboys for years were saying that ps3 can't do open world games ...which is false to begin with

XboxFun1644d ago

I always laugh when people bring up TLoU in a GTA article.

TLoU doesn't do nearly half as much as GTA V does design and gameplay wise. Of course TLoU will look better, it doesn't have to deal with a whole city filled with independent NPC characters, full moving vehicles (boats, plans, cars, motorcycles, etc), not to mention the many side missions and side quests and last but not least...FULL OPEN NON-LINEAR CITY!

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CGI-Quality1644d ago

There aren't many games, on console, that look better than TLOU. That said, there aren't many games, period, as engaging as it, either.

xActionBasturdx1644d ago

Well said. I thoughts exactly. TLOU has arguably the best story this gen. The story telling is just amazing

pat_11_51644d ago

That's what I discuss in the story. I don't think it's a huge deal, I just find it strange when people say it's one of the best looking games ever made when it really isn't.

And, "like girls," Really? Grow up.

Nes_Daze1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I'm not referring to your story, that's first, second, I don't think it is "one of the best looking games" ever made. Also, I used the word "girls" to refrain from saying bitches, because people that complain about graphics, to me, are simply bitching too much.

Yes the game has its graphical flaws, but for a sandbox game of the magnitude of GTA5, it's pretty awesome.

overrated441641d ago

Why do you feel the need to respond to every bit of criticism you come across on one of your articles? If you continue to browse comment sections and pick out those comments that don't agree with you it's going to drive you crazy. Or maybe you're in to arguing. Just saying.

KonsoruMasuta1644d ago

It looks impressive to me. A huge leap ahead of IV.

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