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Submitted by xHoii 799d ago | news

*SPOILERS* Grand Theft Auto 5 under fire for graphic torture scene

Grand Theft Auto V, one of the most expensive computer games ever made, has caused outrage among human rights groups for including a torture scene in which the player must pull teeth and electrocute an unarmed man.
The mission has been condemned for its violence, as well as for missing the satirical mark (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Snookies12  +   799d ago
I thought that scene was wonderfully done. Made me cringe pulling the dude's teeth out. That's what it was going for though, right? So it certainly hit its mark! Good on 'em for doing things others won't.
Kennytaur  +   799d ago
And the agent was hilarious, as he hardly even bothered listening to the victim.
PoSTedUP  +   799d ago
good going, human rights groups. *sigh* now i gotta think about yall whlie im pulling teeth.

doesnt any logical opposition to this kinda stuff ever realise that it's what they are doing (attacking something that is minding its own business, in laymans terms) is one of the bigger ingredients to what causes violence and conflict in the first place? the games got a MA sticker on it just like a movie has a R or NC17 sticker.
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Jack_Of_All_Blades  +   798d ago
Agreed, it's just a game, and Trevor is a psychopath


At least he let him go
pixelsword  +   798d ago
Wasn't as bad as MGS3's torture scene to me; losing an eye was pretty bad.
irepbtown  +   798d ago
I'm sure we've all seen a good amount of films which have torture and of these films many aren't even rated 18 (now a days they can get away with a 15).

This is an 18 rated game after all, not PG.
ThanatosDMC  +   798d ago
One thing i realized after this mission was the lack of gambling. Then i further realized that the game is missing Las Venturas and San Fierro.
ForgottenProphecy  +   799d ago
I think it highlights how evil the agent is (I think he symbolizes the government as a whole in this game) and it also highlights how Trevor will do anything to get what needs to be done, done.
iamnsuperman  +   799d ago
I see what they were trying to do but its execution was poor. The rant by Trevor shouldn't have been necessary and it should have been shown through the unreliable nature torture has attached to it.
Pintheshadows  +   799d ago
I saw it as a way to up the ante for Trevor's violence after Michael had called him evil in therapy. I saw it is a way to ramp that idea up to higher levels and the drive with Mr K after was some of my favourite dialogue in the game.
Autodidactdystopia   799d ago | Bad language | show
theshonen8899  +   799d ago
My main problem with this is that normally Rockstar is absolutely incredible with creating satirical scenes and themes in their games that mimic and make fun of today's politics and current events. The radio with the obsessively intolerant talk show hosts like Bill O'Reilly, the corrupt politicians who hate minorities, the reality shows aired solely to make fun of and shame people, etc. etc. These are genuinely funny and are offer good commentary of today's world.

But with this torture scene I can't see any of that. You can argue that they were trying to make fun of Middle Eastern racial profiling and torture, but I can't understand how torturing an Arab and killing another bearded Arab is suppose to be funny. Maybe I just don't have the sense of humor.
hellzsupernova  +   799d ago
I didn't think it was for humour at all. That's not what I took away from that mission.
That's the point in the game where I thought twice about what was happening.
buynit  +   799d ago
I havnt got to that part yet but maybe it wasnt meant to be funny? Im just thinking that cause i dont know of any torture scenes that tried to be funny not any that involved blood anyway..
Pintheshadows  +   799d ago
Yeah, it wasn't intended to be a funny scene. It does two things from a story perspective. Increases the idea that Trevor is 'evil' and shows just how much of a depraved knob Haynes is.
irepbtown  +   798d ago
If you want some form of link to reality (which I don't give a heaps about), do some research on Abu-graib prison, and various CIA prisons around the world (Poland has one) which prisoners claim to have been tortured (many have allegedly died).

So there's your link. I wan't to reiterate, I personally don't care about the link. We get to see what Trevor is willing to do, how crazy he really is, and that really sets the tone for what we 'feel' for him afterwards. Great job R*.
Blacksand1  +   798d ago
If people don't like the stuff that goes on in game, don't buy it. The game is for hardcore gamer's anyway.
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TenSteps  +   798d ago
The first part is acceptable, Indeed the game does clearly both through history and in basic premise advertise that it will be quite violent. And if they don't like the violence than they shouldn't buy it.

The latter part of your reasoning isn't even a viable excuse though. The "the game is for hardcore gamers anyway" part to be specific

A hardcore gamer is a "hardcore" gamer because he plays more than casual games and or chooses to game as his main hobby.

A person's stomach for violence isn't what determines whether one is a "hardcore gamer".
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StoutBEER  +   798d ago
After the brutal torture scene you hear Trevor denoting torturing as a means of getting info. I think Rockstar is trying to say torturing doesn't work. o_o
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3-4-5  +   798d ago
Yea I didn't want to play that mission. Made me cringe and uncomfortable. They could have just hinted at it and I would have put 2+2 together and figured out what was happening.

Game is still awesome though.
CaptainPunch  +   799d ago
Honestly this doesn't surprise me. When I was playing the torturing scene as Trevor, I was thinking how the media is going to use this - to say video games are violent bla bla. It's getting ridiculous. Why don't they go after movies or books? Because they're paid off, it's sad.
TheSsus  +   799d ago
Did the media say anything about Hostel when it came out? Nope... But since this is a video game, they instantly associate it with children. Straight bias, for shame.
DoomeDx  +   799d ago
If you love playing GTA V and want to be full of suprises, do NOT get on N4G.


''How to find Packy from GTA IV''

''GTA V invites players to blow-up Mark Zuckerberg lookalike as it parodies Facebook office"

"grand theft auto 5 under fire for graphic torture scene"
xHoii  +   799d ago
I actually feel bad for posting 3 of those, I'm really sorry to those who haven't bought the game yet, but those with the game, I suppose 99% of the people are way past all these points in the game.
DoomeDx  +   799d ago
I wasnt :p

I was spending so much time jerking around.

Maybe put a spoiler warning before the headline

EDIT: Awesome! You did it. kudos
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Pintheshadows  +   799d ago
Law Abiding Citizen.
SniperControl  +   799d ago
Right, maybe those same people should look at films like Zero Dark Thirty, that contains a full 20 minutes of torture including a very graphic chinese water torture scene. Outstanding film by the way.
xHoii  +   799d ago
Yes infact, and unlike the game, the whole movie is based on a true story.. Surprise surprise
KonsoruMasuta  +   799d ago
What about the Saw series or the Hostel movies. Now those have some brutal scenes.
smashman98  +   799d ago
I personally thought it was really boring
bohemian 23  +   799d ago
It kind of was for me too, really don't know why anyone would be upset about it. Not to mention, you are playing Grand Theft Auto.
irepbtown  +   798d ago
Me too, the trailer looked awesome, went to watch it and I think the biggest problem was the length of the film (almost 2 hrs 30 mins), it was just too boring. I have to say Jessica Chastain was brilliant (only reason I didn't leave).

Anyway, back on topic, I don't see the fuss. Almost every action film has a form of torture. Whether that is a simple few punches or more. Crank 2 has a hilarious one, Jason Statham stick a shot gun with industrial oil up a dudes a**. I don't see the media going crazy about that.
andron666  +   799d ago
Tetsujin  +   799d ago
I'm so sick of every time some game receives good/positive reviews, you have those few a--holes who always nitpick then blow it way out of proportion. I lived through the scene; and you know what? I've played games with far worse (Heavy Rain comes to mind), on top of movies from the 80s-90s with far worse torture scenes. But let a game get successful the first couple of days and some jealous a--hole gotta start some controversy.

I'm sick of this, if you don't like it, don't play it. As far as in the article at the end about kids realizing between fantasy and reality - it's called proper parenting.
Nes_Daze  +   799d ago
Apart from the media crap, I can't decide whether I like Trevor as a person or not, his character is done brilliantly by Rockstar, but he's one crazy evil bastard. SPOILERS----

He basically crushes that biker's face when he was banging his girlfriend...and then he tortures this guy, and I won't mention other things since I don't want to spoil anything... Other times, he is actually pretty cool and hilarious with Mike and Franklin..
Aleithian  +   799d ago
That scene gave me pause when I got to it. The game's great and I don't fault them for including it. But I still had to do a bit of a cognitive reset before completing the sequence.
Swiftcricket  +   799d ago
As soon as I started that part of the mission I thought immediately that this would happen.
Dante81  +   799d ago
This game is for mature audiences. Censorship should have NO place in this medium, this isn't the 50/60s anymore. They probably want a Hays code for video games.
cactusjack  +   799d ago
the games not under fire for all the sex in
CaptainCamper  +   799d ago
Reservoir Dogs was 10x worse and released years ago...Moving on.
nick309  +   799d ago
*media watches R rated movie*: woooo the blood and gore is so fantasic and so is the torture!

* media plays gta 5* : this game has a torture scene lets spin this!
Sideras  +   799d ago
""This adds insult to injury for survivors who are left physically and mentally scarred by torture in the real world," he said."

Well someone is always bound to get offended by everything, BOO-HOO. Maybe they should just make a game that's a black screen, but oh someone would probably be offended by that aswell.
Fuck people.
BigDollarZoe954  +   799d ago
M for Mature if its too much for you don't purchase the game here go people getting in the feelings about a scene in a video game
ziggurcat  +   799d ago

****ing white knights...
helionTee  +   798d ago
And what about Jack Bauer? He tortured his way trough 8 seasons in TV. Terrorists!
insomniacgamer  +   798d ago
tl;dr version: R* should have given the option to skip this part of narrative (i.e. play only as Michael if you want) so you did not have to be forced to do it.

I think it is more about taste. At what point do you draw a line and say something is tasteless? Example, you would not play a rape simulator or pedophillia game. Most people would cringe and clamor at it. The other end being the violence we are used to in games (i.e. FPS games).

So where is the line drawn? When do you say something in a game is tasteless? A CoD WWII game w/a sniper mission blowing a guys head off is "meh, next level", but how about a level where you control a guard at a camp gasing Jewish people with a meta mini game. Sure it would shock you and draw attention to that black spot in history but do I want to have to be forced to partake? No. Do I think it is wrong to put into a game? Yes.

As to the people on the "it's in movies/tv shows" kick and trying to draw a correlation, that's idiotic. A movie or tv show is a short passive experience, a game is a longer interactive one. I see R* trying to show this as wrong and make a point and I like that, forcing it to be played though...not kosher.
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AO1JMM  +   798d ago
Why is this even an issue? The box clearly states "Rated M for Mature".
OneAboveAll  +   798d ago
I seen worse in Robocop 1...
DoomeDx  +   798d ago
God that was indeed pretty disturbing
assdan  +   798d ago
I'm glad everyone had to talk about this. have these sites realized that this is a bit of a spoiler? I bet the scene was supposed to be hard to play. That's what the people who make these games do, try to prove a point. And seriously, on the back cover it says intense violence. It shouldn't come as a surprise.
SITH  +   798d ago
A billion dollars in sale later, rockstar is like whatever.
GrandTheftGamer_V  +   798d ago
Bitch please FIB, not FBI.
Koyes  +   798d ago
Trevor is by far the best character in Gta history :D
DoomeDx  +   798d ago
Man I really dont know whats wrong with me..

I dislike Trevor the most. I like Franklin and Michael though
AIndoria  +   798d ago
Just press Right button(Interact) when he's with pedestrians, he ALWAYS offends them all and they get ready to fight. Funniest bit is, whenever I switch to him he's ALWAYS up to something idiotic. I found him choking a guy in a toilet once...nude.
AllroundGamer  +   798d ago
they should be under fire for removing all the vigilante, firetruck, ambulance activities... instead they added boring tennis, marathon, yoga minigames, which suck. Played the game about 12 hours now and they make the same mistakes as in GTA IV, removing activities that were fun and adding some boring ones instead...
BLAKHOODe  +   798d ago
Slaughtering countless numbers of people by gunning them down, running over them and beating them to death.. no biggie! But pull a guy's tooth out and OMG!
EXVirtual  +   798d ago
M for Mature bro. Read the cover.
Intentions  +   798d ago
I dont understand what the problem is, it was R18+/M for a reason.
MadMen  +   798d ago
I water\gas boarded the hell out of him and I will do it again if necessary...

Because I came to get $hit done
Dirkster_Dude  +   798d ago
At first I thought it was over the top, but I got over it. No children watching in my home.
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