Reuters: Cartoon Network taking time with multiplayer game

They are two ends of the video game spectrum: the tiny, personal-sized casual game on one end and, on the other, the complex, massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) which can support thousands of players simultaneously. Rarely, if ever, do the twain meet. Until now.

The Cartoon Network is about to release a video game oxymoron ... what it calls a "casual MMOG." And it may just be the first of a trend.

Back in April 2006, Disney's "Toontown" had captured only 0.9% of the MMOG market since its launch in June, 2003, but that was enough to convince rival Cartoon Network to cook up an MMOG of its own that it planned to release this spring.

But here it is, the spring of 2008, and the release of Cartoon Network's "FusionFall" MMOG has been delayed twice, first to this summer, and now to this fall, for reasons no one at Cartoon Network chooses to discuss.

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KYU21303896d ago

maybe cartoon network should think about a BEN 10 game.