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Submitted by Abriael 871d ago | news

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Talks About the Advantages of the Cloud with Xbox One

Head of Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer has always been a big proponent of the “power of the cloud” that has costed Microsoft a pretty penny to buy hundreds of thousands of servers, and should pay dividends with the Xbox One.

Today Spencer talked about what he feels is an important advantage provided by the cloud’s infrastructure. (Phil Spencer, Xbox One)

N4GBeVerySmart   871d ago | Spam
Kingthrash360  +   871d ago
interesting point phil.....not enough to sway the trust you lost but interesting non the less. smaller devs have an alturnitive way of using servers without high pay and lower cost is always good.
but what happend to the cloud being able to make the x1 10x more powerful?
or was that yet another lie.
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redwin  +   871d ago
Lol, we are talking about a good thing and here you are tring to bring it down. Now let's wait for the x1 to come out and then let's talk about it.
Kingthrash360  +   871d ago
by no means am i putting it down...i clearly stated the pluses and stated no minuses about what phil was saying. but i dont forget what they were trying to do or what they have stated in the past.
if you trust them then by all means do so, but imo, once you lie its hard to get that trust fact its hard to take everything else a lier says seriously. so the trust statement i stand by and if this is the only thing the cloud is good for then by no means is it what they boasted about before....i rarley hear them talk about cloud power anymore so to me it is on my another ms lie list.
but i didnt put the good news down.
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JokesOnYou  +   871d ago
Kingthrash, So I assume you you don't trust sony? Either way your problem was placing faith in any company that goal is to make money off of you, sony is not some noble saint some of you portray them as, their not evil either ironicly just businesses as usual while thats fine its of course less likely to piss anyone off but it also doesn't move the industry forward in anyway I think thats the only real difference between the two this gen.

Whats clear is your only intentions is to troll any good news from microsoft, which is why you are off topic about some fictional trust issue. The drm I assume you are alluding to wasnt lies it was a vision if you hated that vision fair enough but surely if follow gaming they both have lied about this or that in the past but lets be real nothing they tried to introduce would have ruined life as we know it and in fact sony clearly went their own path despite what micros intentions were, you are a sonyfanboy so life shkuld of been great for you regardless.

I look to micro, sony or nintendo to provide games on a viable platform with a reasonable strategy to deliver a good experience for my investment. IF for some reason their plans are not inline with my priorities then I simply don't buy their product. No need to pout in the corner like a 5yr old while screaming at all the other kids who are enjoying their cookies.
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Kingthrash360  +   871d ago
what evs man you think im trollin. all i can say is im not.
while i understand its hard to depict trolls from true statments, i wont even argue...eeefff it.
i trust no company...not even churches...they have to earn my trust. what i mean is they are selling, if am buying i buy things i trust...even if i buy bananas i trust they are ripe...who buys something rotton? who wants to spend hard earned money only to find yourself getting something you didnt want or didnt need..imagine that same sinerio only you were told that the bananas were fresh...ask your self would you go back to buy thos bananas from the same place. thats what i mean by one should trust a salesman but if you intend to buy something that takes a certan amount of trust does it not? smh man really stop trying to find the troll in people by coming up with some bs story on why i souldnt trust a company...if you buy from someone you dont trust then enjoy being fuc*ed...thats your thing. i go by the integrity of the sales pitch...they lied in their sales pitch and lost my trust.
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solidworm  +   871d ago
Good move too late.
Abriael  +   871d ago
How is months before the release of the console "too late"? lol.
corvusmd  +   871d ago
Especially if it was decided a long time ago. Apparently if solidworm doesn't know about it, it doesn't count yet, and only goes into effect when he finds out. I've noticed that among PS Fanboys, they assume everything is a 180 when THEY find out about they know everything or something.
redwin  +   871d ago
He means it sound good but it's too late for him because he already preordered something else and he can't change it. Lol. Just kidding . Wait until it's out and stablished before you start bringing it down.
Sono421  +   871d ago
I believe by "too late" hes talking in regards to their reputation which is already very tarnished and nobody can really argue that it isn't.. but at least Spencer is making good of the situation.

I will say though instead of doing this defense with the hardcore gamers they should kinda focus on the more casual.. by this I mean people who don't look up gaming news but still do play games regularly.

My friends would fall into that category and until recently they still thought the Xbox One didn't allow used games and they only know now that it does because I told them so. That is the big thing holding people back from getting it, publicize that and I guarantee they will get way more sales.. maybe even run a TV add? Alot more people found out about the DRM than you'd think.

I on the other hand will wait to get a used Xbox One because I want to give as little money to Microsoft as I can because iv'e always seen them as a sleazy money grubby corporation constantly screwing over consumers. If you support Microsoft as a Corporation you must have no self respect. I understand if you have a little interest in the Xbox One you may get one just don't become a fan of Microsoft because of it.. they don't deserve it.
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redwin  +   871d ago
It's great they are using it to help developers not just unlimited free storage for us to download games. This is why I think that the size of the hard drive is irrelevant, we have unlimited cloud. The servers are a great idea.
SniperControl  +   871d ago
Sounds like you think you can install games to the cloud, well you're in for a rude awakening dude.
Deadpoolio  +   871d ago
EXACTLY!!!!!!! And why does it seem like these morons fail to think about the fact that DA POWER of DA CLOUD is LIMITED by DA POWER of YOUR INTERNET.....These mental midgets act like their garbage wal-mart wireless internet connections will not hinder da cloud
Kuse  +   871d ago
Having a vast network infrastructure is only going to pay dividends over the long term, there seems to be lots of positive feedback in regards to multiplayer and other features but does it blend?
redwin  +   871d ago
Does it blend? What do u mean?
adorie  +   871d ago
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ShwankyShpanky  +   871d ago
Will it blend? That is the question.
XboxFun  +   871d ago
Excellent views, very good that MS is offering free servers to anyone who would like to use them.

MS is definitely doing as much as they can to attract developers. And with a great incentive like that I can see more and more devs taking advantage.
redwin  +   871d ago
I think everybody wins here, they'll develop in the cloud and then later they'll put it in the ps4. We all win.
Hicken  +   871d ago
Unfortunately, MS isn't offering free dedicated servers. Just servers at a reduced price.
XboxFun  +   869d ago
Free servers for whoever needs them Hicken.
Hicken  +   869d ago
Interesting that there's no source that says all servers are free if you google it, but there ARE articles from Volition and Call of Duty saying the servers were discounted.

XboxFun  +   869d ago
You might be right, I believe I saw someplace that did say they would be provided free for devs who wanted them. But I cannot find it.

regardless, this is a great thing to have and be provided by MS to anyone who wants to use it but can't afford or have the bandwidth to maintain.
LordMaim  +   871d ago
Another day, another Microsoft PR damage control article.
Abriael  +   871d ago
Another day, another butthurt fanboy that can't admit that the other camp can have some good things once in a while.
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LordMaim  +   871d ago
Though eloquent, I reject your premise. I wasn't expressing a preference of one platform over another, only commenting on the constant interviews that Microsoft's PR department has been engaging in on a daily basis to defend their console's merits.

As for myself, I will be happy to admit that "the other camp" has some good things once in a while, just as soon as they can demonstrate that they do.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   871d ago
Ha "good things ONCE in a while".Hard to argue with that.
SquillieDeeWilliams  +   871d ago
Considering it is a little over 2 months until launch, I think it is fairly normal for a company to do interviews and get news out about there product. I don't see that as damage control.
1nsomniac  +   871d ago
Oh god, here we go again....
RiPPn  +   871d ago
So we're back to the powah of da clowd!?! It's like MS did a couple 180s and are right back to where they started.
KYU2130  +   871d ago
They did an xbox 360. this generation they created a circle, now they running in circles
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SilentGuard  +   871d ago
If MS plans to use "the power of the cloud" to supplement its weaker hardware specs relative to the PS4, than the XBOne will become an online required console. For those that hated the always online requirement of MS original plans, be wary of the cloud.
MyNameIsNotRick  +   871d ago
Haven't we all been wanting dedicated servers for years. And now that we are getting big deal? This is huge for people who play online multiplayer. No more host advantage bs. At least now when I'm getting my ass kicked I will only be able to blame myself:) Most of my gaming is online (Battlefield, Halo, Cod, Gears) so this single feature is gold.
KYU2130  +   871d ago
Ok i am still looking for this cloud power. Is it working or dod they forget to plug the cloud in??

Look up in the sky, its a bird. wait its a plane.. No!!!! its a cloud.. raining crap!!!
voodoogts  +   871d ago
Xbox one day one because of the power of the cloud. Dedicated servers ftw.
AbortMission  +   871d ago
That's nice and all. Now how about you actually put some good games on the X1 instead of timed exclusives, MS?
DivineAssault  +   871d ago
say whatever you want M$, im still not buying xb1 until i see a steady flow of exclusives that dont involve shooting or racing.. KI & fable are all i care about but not enough to buy a system
Animal Mutha 76  +   871d ago
What about multi plats. IF they happened to be better on X1 would you buy one then?
DivineAssault  +   870d ago
no.. I have a vita so i would be a fool not to take advantage of the extra perks the combo has.. I dont give a damn about the slight differences between the 2 consoles. All i care about is getting the best value, exclusives, & features that nx gen will bring.. Owning PS4 is the only way to go if you have a vita especially
isarai  +   871d ago
So far all its done is dedicated servers, leaderboards, "Drivatars" and matchmaking which any game can do and many games have been doing for the longest now(excluding drivatars). Every other claim including the ludicrous promise of improving graphical capability has yet to be proven or demonstrated. so until they prove their claims it's BS to me
kenshiro100  +   871d ago
Time will tell.
Jeedai Infidel  +   871d ago
Whenever I peruse through this site and read the comments, I'm struck by one persistent thought every time, that we are heading towards what Mike Judge was telling us in his movie Idiocracy. Unless most of n4g's commentators are in 3rd grade, then I have to say we are definitely headed that way with what I see of the grammar and spelling here, and that includes the actual story itself from; Who the hell uses the word "costed"? Much less a "journalist". Do yourselves, and the rest of humanity, a favor and go read a book or two.

And before someone points it out to me, I am not counting the obvious ones who are using English as a second language, they impress my one-language mind.

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