IGN: Feet-on Active Life: Outdoor Challenge - Roll out the mat and get ready to run in this collection of Wii challenges

IGN writes: "Back in Japan during the Tokyo Game Show last year, Namco Bandai gave us a sneak preview of a game it was working on for the Wii, a game that utilized a proprietary floormat controller to get gamers off the sofa and moving. Active Life was the game, and we haven't heard much out of the publisher since the game's announcement a few months ago. But at the company's Gamers Day in San Francisco yesterday, the game was on display for us to burn a few calories. And a few calories we did burn, indeed.

The game will be called Active Life: Outdoor Challenge when it comes to the States this summer. Each copy of the game will include a foldable mat controller very similar to a Dance Dance Revolution pad or, for the old-school, Nintendo's own Power Pad peripheral. The mat plugs into a GameCube controller port. It's not as "sensitive" as the Wii Balance Board coming out with Wii Fit, as the Active Life pad is just a bunch of digital buttons that activate with pressure from the feet."

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