No TV features for Xbox One at launch (for Europe)

Only America and Japan will have access to the Xbox One’s interactive TV features at launch, with Europe and the UK forced to wait until later.

Microsoft has confirmed that the TV features highlighted at the Xbox One’s unveiling in May will not be available at launch in Europe.

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MEGANE1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

So much for " tv, tv,tv, tv, tv tv, tv, tv, tv,....and game, tv, tv, tv, tv...cod dog, tv, tv, tv"... hahaha

Mike134nl1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

I hope that at least the IR-blaster will still work to turn on the tv.

gaffyh1492d ago

Just confirms that the reveal event in May which was broadcast worldwide, was just for the American audience. We all suspected it, and this confirms it. MS is so unprepared it's actually sad.

ICECREAM1492d ago

What a useless piece of

shoddy1492d ago

In the mean time just press the source button on the TV remote for now to switch to TV.

JokesOnYou1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Yeah shoddy in the meantime whether its X1 or ps4 you just have to use your cable box separately(in Europe).

OK, OK, so let me get this straight essentially microsoft has promised as much as sony and MORE TV functionality, both won't have some things available at launch, 1 of micros biggest features wont be ready in Europe making it essentially on par feature wise with ps4 in Europe. So its plus in US and even in Europe where both just essentially have games at launch, with micro still having the higher quantity of AAA games and imo the better qaulity of launch games in too.

How is not having TV functionality that ps4 doesnt have either at launch in Europe while having all the TV functionality in US which ps4 doesnt have terrible news for micro? By my count thats 1 point for micro in the US, with at worst a draw in Europe. I don't see how we are basicly trying penalize the one who is at least attempting to offer MORE OPTIONS. Plus you got to excuse my laughter hearing so many who "don't care about tv" now say "omg this isn't ready"...pfft OK, lol but I am relieved I live in the US.

gaffyh by that same logic sony has "backtracked" to us since the 1st reveal of the ps4 controller, to include E3, to include Yoshida interview, to include Mark Cernys late night tv on air talk about the share button/direct youtube upload sony has promoted that feature all we know now is that "its coming" same as this for micro. No cries of inconsistency from you inthat regard? Of course not.

gaffyh1492d ago

@JOY - "How is not having TV functionality that ps4 doesnt have either at launch in Europe while having all the TV functionality in US which ps4 doesnt have terrible news for micro?"

Simple, because they focused so much on TV, and now they're backtracking saying it won't be available at launch. Their message is inconsistent at best, and incompetent at worst.

XboxFun1492d ago

So having no TV features which every Sony fanboy complained about is now a BAD thing and inconsistent with their message?

It is coming and it will be there and in the meantime you CAN play the great games still available at launch for the Xbox One.

Wow, I tell you...

Hicken1492d ago

It's a big deal because they put all their eggs in the TV basket, talking it up and spending HUGE amounts of money on it.

Yes, we PS fans- and plenty more- think it's utterly stupid that they've spent so much time focusing on TV deals and content. But you've gotta admit it's even DUMBER for them to have this massive feature that's one of the core draws of their console hardly be available.

Are you serious? JokesOnYou, XboxFun, are you guys absolutely serious with your comments?

And you talk about PlayStation fanboys...

XboxFun1492d ago


"It's a big deal because they put all their eggs in the TV basket, talking it up and spending HUGE amounts of money on it."

Please just stop! They have also spent huge amounts of money in GAMING. You know Hicken, the thing we all do on this site.

MS has also spent HUGE amounts of money on DR3, Titanfall, Quantum Break, D4, Crimson Dragon, Project Spark, Forza 5, etc etc

Oh how about that huge amount on new games and game studios that they said in their presentation reveal? I love how you keep skipping over that.
How about that HUGE amount on dedicated servers offered for FREE for any dev that wants to utilize them.

"Yes, we PS fans- and plenty more- think it's utterly stupid that they've spent so much time focusing on TV deals and content"

I just LOVE your sony selective minds and your ability to only see what you want. Did Sony not just announce the Vita TV? Did Sony not just announce deals with television companies for exclusive TV content for their PS4?

They are doing the EXACT same thing MS is.

JokesOnYou1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

"Yes, we PS fans- and plenty more- think it's utterly stupid that they've spent so much time focusing on TV deals and content."

lol Hicken yeah sure as if since E3 microsoft has been talking TV. You mean the nfl deal? I mean name all these deals and all this content you speak of that micro won't shut up about?

Yet I see Microsoft/devs talking much MORE about a combination of any these games, features and policies on a daily basis which of course you should be well aware of because sonyfanboys like you quickly jump on every X1 thread like a pack of rabid dogs to hate on just about every thread that mentions these topics:

Forza 5
Project Spark (haven't seen any hate for this I admit)
Dedicated Servers
X1 architecture
Indie support

=These are the things micro has been talking about most for X1....but of course you conveniently only want to focus on their tv plans. I for one do think this is very unfortunate that Euro have to wait a bit for this but hopefully it won't be long and its not as if we dont see this happen alot last gen and this gen with sony and micro bringing features later to Europe or after launch in general.

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Thisisjuju1492d ago

I don't really care about the TV features personally.

But the fact that MS makes the TV aspect one of their most unique and core features not having it at launch seems severely incompetent.

I really believe MS is rushing this launch.

MEGANE1492d ago

@Hikes and jocks on u! Letme answer that question 4 u! ... If you take that away... what features do u have left?

RytGear1492d ago

Wow, well that is quite a kick in the face as this is one of its more unique features.

bigboirock1492d ago

it is but most people that will buy it on day one is for the games anyway

Muerte24941492d ago


I'm not going to troll because what you're saying is correct and I won't give you stealth disagrees for no reason. People who purchase ANY system Day one are already sold on it. That fact that some features won't be there day one, won't hinder the purchase in any way. With that being said, how can this be a pillar of your next gen console and you not have it ready outside America? Just more and more signs of a rushed to market system.

karl1492d ago

seriously .. what games?

Mike134nl1492d ago

they will receive fifa one for free. But still a shame as I remember that this was one of the reasons they delayed in Europe in order to make deals with the broadcast companies.

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captain_slow821492d ago

its the ONE unique feature that xbox one has and what % will use such feature prob about 5% lol

Thirty3Three1492d ago

The feature's coming to the PS4 as well haha!

andrewsqual1492d ago

Its already on PS3 with PlayTV. Its alright but again, WHO CARES.

pompombrum1492d ago

Was thinking this myself, the tv feature was really the only unique aspect of the console that I had any interest in. Being able to game while keeping an eye on the football without having to find my phone was quite appealing to me.

Ah well, just another embarrassing 180 to add to the long list.

hakeem09961491d ago

how is that a 180 and how is that MS fault? You do realise that your cable provider needs to agree to MS's tv functionality so if it's not coming at lunch you should blame you cable provider .why is Japan out of all places getting it at launch and you not ? ask ur cable company.

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Jdoki1492d ago

This is a huge black mark against MS. They could have announced this at GamesCom. There will be a lot of people who will not know that everything MS showed about interactive TV being the future does not apply to Europe.

Death1492d ago

Does not apply at launch. It's something that will be addressed as time goes by. It has to do with tv standards in Europe not being the same as other territories.

iamnsuperman1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

But like Jdoki said this is something that should have been said at Gamescom. Why is this being mentioned at TGS. Not making this clear is misinforming the public.

Jdoki1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )


Yeah, I read the article :)...

But looking at this part of the interview...

"‘It’s not going to be us – it’s not the early adopters that this is a problem [for] – which is why we’re not prioritising solving it right off the bat,’ said Penello.

‘Because the price of the consoles will have to come down like they do in every generation, the market will expand, we’ll eventually catch up to the people who are probably laggards in TV, and by that time we’ll have a more robust story than we have at launch.’"

Doesn't sound like it's coming any time soon after launch does it!? If he's talking about not getting it solved until after price of the console comes down. What are we talking about, 1 year? 2? before it's solved.

And even if they do solve the issue, it's likely to be piecemeal and may never be implemented for some people (i.e. Sky subscribers)

Death1492d ago

I see your point. Had they made it clear, like maybe back in May that the tv functions were going to launch first in the U.S. only, then this would be much less an issue.

Kayant1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )


Agreed it's like the Fifa solution all over again. General consensus was that every XB1 pre-order will get Fifa 14 until about 2-3 weeks later when it's confirmed to be only Day-one editions even thought it wasn't worded like that previously.

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Sitdown1492d ago

Just a thought, maybe at the time of Gamescom they believed it to still be a possibility for launch. What we do know is that it has now been announced, and people have time to cancel preorders if they so desire.

Deividas1492d ago

Seriously?...Another thing that you cant do as soon as you shell out that much cash....So, what can you actually do with this thing at launch?? Damn

gaelic_laoch1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Basically now in Europe the xbone is a less powerful PS4 with no redeeming features to buy day one! FOR SHAME M$ for shame!

Magicite1492d ago

what do u expect from rushed product

Kayant1492d ago

I thought this was already known....

Jdoki1492d ago

I think this is the first time it has been confirmed by an MS Exec. Everything else has been speculation.

I had a search round N4G before posting the story, but couldn't find anything official.

Kayant1492d ago

You're right.... I thought so from reading the "Q: Do I need to have a specific cable or satellite TV provider to watch live TV on Xbox?" section.