Now Sony Screws Gamers

This gameplayer article examines how Sony has dealt with the issue of no rumble in the original SIXAXIS controller and how they are not treating thier loyal fanbase with respect in the way it's releasing the DualShock 3.

"So the chain of events goes as follows: Sony makes mistake. Consumer forced to buy mistake. Sony realises mistake and makes an amendment. Sony makes consumers pay again to replace the old semi-functional controllers they bought the first time around with the fully-functional version they've fixed."

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gamesR4fun3841d ago

but i recall something about a copyright issue tho they made out like it was all part of their plan.
Still at least they sold us a reliable product. And giving us the choice to buy a ds3 isnt a bad thing by any means.

sonarus3841d ago

They handled the situation the best way they could. They should start bundling DS3 into ps3's asap to get rid of six axis completely and the six axis should drop price. DS3 is over priced imo but all 1st party hard ware is. Look at the 360 hard drive or their wireless router. Only ppl with decent hardware pricing is nintendo and that is only because they actually make money on the wii. Too much money

jwatt3841d ago

This is stupid, I just bought a DS3 which feels good by the way but I now I just say I have two controllers instead of one, in which I was planning on buying a extra controller anyways.

mistertwoturbo3841d ago

Well Sony is doing the right thing for all gamers starting with the 80GB MGS4 bundle. Not only does it come with MGS4, but also a DS3. Eventually like the old PS2 controllers, the regular SIXAXIS will be phased out and be replaced by only DS3 controllers. So if you're SIXAXIS ever dies out, you have no choice but to get a DS3. I'm guessing by end of 2009, most people won't even remember it.

QuackPot3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

If it isn't the the lengthy installation times or delayed releases, those flamers keep churning out this rubbish about the rumble-less controller.

Let's get some points clear:

* Sony could NOT include rumble in the release controller as they were still in legal dispute with Immersion

* Sony needed to get the Ps3 released after already giving the xbox 360 a year head start and the Wii was about to release.

* Sony had identified the potential of motion control as a useful function and included in its current controller - without doing a full remake of the controller like the wii-mote.


The ps3 had to be released without rumble but with six axis controller


did damage control with the absence of rumble by promoting advantages of six axis


EVERY single one of us knew from day 1 that the controller we got with our Ps3 had no rumble. OMG! WTF!

We could have said no and refused to buy unless sony gave us a rumble controller but we didn't. OMG! WTF!

Sony DID NOT screw anyone, you ignorant anti-Ps3 fanboys.

The well informed, objective and intelligent gamers knew that Sony would eventually settle and rumble would return - as it is an essential old-gen tech for any controller these days. We also know the the Wii-mote is the future of controllers. Unfortunately, it meant we also would need to fork out more money for another controller....that rumbles. OMG! WTF!

That's the way it goes. We made our choice and have to live with our decisions. OMG! WTF!

The only people who think they were screwed by Sony are the dumba**es or anti-Ps3 fanboys. You know who you are. Dumba**es.

KozmoOchez3841d ago

That DS3's are at most $5 more than the original controller maybe this kid should just import one from somewhere else?

dantesparda3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

And refuse to pay $55 for it, the best I'll do is see if i can get it off craigslist for cheap (like $20) and even that's too much, Sony should off just swap them out. Now if your controller is all crusty and beat-up & sh!t, then i can see them giving you a small charge, but otherwise free swap out!

And p.s. to the Sony fanboys, please do not take away my bubbles, as a matter of fact give me more bubbles if youse want another muthafvcka in the fight against the 360 fanboys, lol, if youse know me, youse will know that i attack the 360 fanboys hard all the time. Im just keeping it real, I want rumble, but do not want to oay for it, especially $55 US

LJWooly3841d ago

"give me more bubbles if youse want another muthafvcka in the fight against the 360 fanboys, lol, if youse know me, youse will know that i attack the 360 fanboys hard all the time"

Uh... why should you get any bubbles for that again?

Thataway ------------>

CaptainHowdy3841d ago

It's not like they took it out on purpose. I do the same thing i did when the first dualshocks came out on the ps1...give the non-rumbling controller to player #2..hee hee

JBaby3433841d ago

I never liked rumble and turned it off on the games that I could. I was happy with the six-axis or at least without the stupid controller shaking in my hand. It just got annoying. I don't think Sony screwed me at all. But I'm glad the DS3 is available for those that miss rumble.

cmrbe3841d ago

The court case with Imersion shouldn't have gone ahead in the first place and i blamed Sony for it. However to be 100% honest i really didn't miss rumble. In fact i really like how very light the sixaxis is without rumble. I was able to play Resistance 6 Hrs Non stop without taking a break. Before with DS2. I had to take breaks as hands ache when i have to hold up the DS2 for more than 3 hours.

On the bright side. Now we have the best of both. I am keeping my sixaxis though. I will by two DS3 so that i can play 4 player co-op for Resistance 2 :).

Genesis53841d ago

That's funny I don't feel screwed. I can usually tell if I've been screwed.

Bonsai12143841d ago

i plan to buy one for mgs4 anyways...

AuToFiRE3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

I agree and just to add to that, the DS3 is the same price as the SIX-AXIS was and the SIX-AXIS has droppped in price, i have never seen it for $100 or even anywhere above $55. Its just one of those people who bend over and enjoy getting assraped by MS who say crap like Sony is ripping us off, if you do the math the 360 costs more after buying all the things that are already included with the ps3

yesah3840d ago

you dont loose the six-axis, you gain a new controller.

wtf "semi-functional", you can still use the sixaxis, it just dosnt have rumble, it will still function in every way.

and its $55 not $100

Lame Article.

dantesparda3840d ago

What's wrong baby? why you mad at me? was it something i said? LOL! I hope you run the same sh!t to the other fanboys, peace, beyotch!

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Room 641-A 8 5neDDaM3841d ago

PS1, once dualshocks were introduced. Big deal.

At least they don't abandon consoles.

Article = FAIL

InMyOpinion3841d ago

It's not like they first took it away from you. Back then it was new.

LastDance3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

jenzo :they didnt TAKE it away from us this time either. It was a law suit.

Semi functional controller? He must have a small life.
gamers complain nag and whine more then anyone.

Gam713841d ago

Other companies that released their console a year earlier managed to have rumble in their controller.

Remember when sony said it was because it would interfere with the motion, yet another company got round that and now they have.

A law suit which they brought on and dragged out is no reason for this. They had longer than anyone else and its only being released now.

How long ago was the case settled?

Not trying to flame just want serious answers.

cmrbe3841d ago

the article is correct except screw is a strong word. Games4fun is right. A raw deal is the right term as Sony really didn't meant for this to happen although it was their fault that had the court case with imersion.

I really like this site. They tell it as is.

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chaosatom3333841d ago

isn't this unscrewing gamers? by releasing the controller that gamers want.

nice ways of putting negative spins.

Ghoul3841d ago

i smell troll poo
bloody trolls can't drop theyre excrements where they belong --- over the cliff

DrWan3841d ago

ppl who writes these articles are stupid. ignore. and tell them to go back to school to learn some proper logics.

Omegasyde3841d ago

Nothing against the Story submitter, but the author of the actual article does NOT have a valid point.

The only way Sony is screwing gamers now is the In Game XMB. However when that comes out, which in due time it will, what will Sony be accused of then?