GameSpy: Warhammer: Battle March Preview

GameSpy writes: "In its previous incarnation as Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, Warhammer: Battle March lived in a small niche on the PC and garnered moderate success, but it didn't quite climb to the heights that many (including our own Miguel Lopez) had hoped. While Mark of Chaos's streamlined approach to the real-time strategy genre may not have appealed to hardcore RTS zealots, the Xbox 360 could serve as a significantly more welcoming home given the arguable shortcomings of the platform with respect to the RTS genre.

Critics of the PC version sited a small overall amount of content and a generally tiny single-player campaign (as noted in Miguel's review), but that's precisely where the improvements have been focused for the Xbox 360 version. Given Mark of Chaos's initial stab at gaming greatness, Battle March could provide the expansiveness missing from the original PC game."

-No-nonsense approach lacks tedious resource gathering
-Amazingly detailed units

-Console RTS games always seem to screw up something or other

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