How to Find Bigfoot in GTA 5

Unigamesity writes: "There have been rumors that you can find Bigfoot in GTA 5 and there is even a video on YouTube showing something that might be Bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto 5. But is that for real or just an illusion? This article will tell you how to find Bigfoot in the game and see for yourself!"

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Hazmat131672d ago

holy crap, i saw that too. then it vanished so i thought it was a glitch or something. but it does look like good ol Bigfoot.

Iltapalanyymi1672d ago

WOW! holy shit! Rockstar made many peoples San Andreas dreams true!

LoaMcLoa1672d ago

Man, this kinda spoiled it for me. I would like to find this by myself.

Just rename "Finding Easter-eggs in GTA V" or something..

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