Vehicle Bug in GTA 5 - Rockstar working on a fix

GrandTheftAutoForever - Are you sometimes finding your vehicle upgrades are missing after a mission? Are you sometimes finding that your vehicles are missing and disappeared from your garage? You're not alone apparently. Rockstar is aware of this issue and working on a fix.

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ScamperCamper1488d ago

I'm seeing a LOT of complaints about missing a disappearing vehicles. Money wasted on customs? Yuck!

Star691488d ago

Happened to me. Doesn't make me feel any better that it's known. Fix it already!!!

bub161487d ago

thank god its a bug!!! ive spent so much money on custom cars. get out of them. and they gone....

Koyes1487d ago

I have not come across this bug :D infact, I fully customised Trevors car and it always appears in the same form, before, during and after missions

CaptainPunch1487d ago

Yep, it's happened to me. Hope they fix the bug soon.