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Steam Opens Teaser Site For Probable Hardware Reveal: Challenger for the Console Market Incoming?

Valve just opened a teaser site counting down to a reveal scheduled to happen in about 72 hours from now.

Considering the hints dropped in the past few days and the “living room” wording in the URL, the site definitely seems to hint to the reveal of a Steam-branded console. (PC, Steam, Valve)

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strigoi814  +   708d ago
Would be good for next year...
CGI-Quality  +   708d ago
Wouldn't this just be the supposed "Steambox" reveal?
JoSneak  +   708d ago
did you even read? the were practically saying it
CGI-Quality  +   708d ago
Er..."them practically saying it" is the point, and what we've already known. Doesn't take rocket science to notice the controller at the bottom of the page to know this is merely a re-reveal of their supposed home console, but kudos to you for not paying attention and jumping to conclusions.
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kingdip90  +   708d ago
Maybe they are gunning to compete with ps vita tv
SniperControl  +   708d ago
Think it will alot more powerful than that lol.
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SniperControl  +   708d ago
This will be a PC platform for both windows & Linux(going over to Linux), not console centric as PS4 or X1.

As i already have a high end gaming rig, i will be passing this by, but for all those new to the PC gaming, rock on!!.

Kinda reminds me of Alienware's X51 range(mini tower PC) but with Valve OS.
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Ginesis  +   708d ago
I was planning on buying a X51 soon. They're not cheap tho but that would be my first PC rig. I've read reviews and they seem pretty simple to set up and get going.
jmc8888  +   708d ago
You'll get 2x the computer for the same money if you build it yourself vs buying Alienware. Hell maybe 2.5x since it's Alienware.

It's really not hard. If you've put together a chair before, or any piece of furniture, you can build a PC.

It really is quite easy, and even a 1st timer can do it in 2-3 hours.

Obviously you'll do what you feel is best, just don't buy into the bull that it is somehow difficult to build a pc.

A steambox would be interesting, but from the leaks/rumors from 6 months ago the steambox looked a bit overpriced and underpowered. Like slightly better than a PS4 for hundreds more.

No doubt it will still be a decent product and will play great games, but hopefully for the type of consumer they are trying to reach it'll be more powerful and cheaper then the earlier rumors.
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aliengmr  +   707d ago
Alienware is way over-priced.

Plus building one yourself will give you the know-how to fix problems down the line.

I made this mistake twice. Build your own. It will save you twice whatever you are going to pay, I promise.
Ginesis  +   707d ago
If I were to build my own PC i want a compact case. Would that be feasible and still be able to have something powerful, cause I want it to fit in my entertainment center? @jmc8888 @aliengrm
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Feralkitsune  +   707d ago
Forget alienware, do your own research and save a ton of money, while at the same time building a way better pc. If you need help check out http://reddit.com/r/buildap... tons of helpful people overthere.
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Jovanian  +   708d ago
I don't know if I want valve doing this or just concentrate on making good games

They're certainly big enough for this to be a possibility, I suppose. And I'm not just talking about gabens mass
majiebeast  +   708d ago
With the release of the steambox, Halflife 3 got delayed another 15 years.
Jovanian  +   708d ago
Or maybe they're gonna have HL3 as a launch title for steambox...one can hope
AfterThought  +   708d ago
Screw that. Still wouldn't buy it and HL is one of my favorite games even till this day.

Bunch of crap if that happens. Such a shitty way to treat fans of the series, forcing them to buy a mini PC.. just to play a game that was originally started on nothing but PC anyway.

I mean all the steambox is, a more restricted mini PC.

No idea what casual user is sitting around thinking to themselves "Hmm I need steam in my living room" Cause no casual gamer probably even knows what steam is let alone cares about gaming PC's.

No idea what PC enthusiast doesn't have the common sense to just connect their PC in a living room or simply build a more open mini PC that could do the same and still use steam.

If they try to cash in on their flagship games like that, I am done with Steam and Valve forever. The fact I have held onto to them this long for Half Life 3 is pathetic enough.
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Jovanian  +   708d ago
Hold on AfterThought, no need to attack

I didn't mean exclusively on the steambox, I meant launch title as in it launches alongside the steambox
jmc8888  +   708d ago

Steambox is a PC.

Meaning if you have a PC and play their games, you don't need a Steambox.

Steambox is just a PC in a small form factor.

The earlier rumors had three versions basically ranging from Xbox One power to slightly above PS4 power....roughly.

So it's just a PC made by Valve, and probably with Steam pre-loaded.
Lolrus  +   708d ago
The revealed schedule will be in 72 hours. There are 24 hours in a day. 24 multiplied by 3 = 72. 72 hours = 3 days. The etymology of day in the proto-germanic context stems from ''lifetime''. Half of the word lifetime is life. Half Life 3 confirmed!
Axonometri  +   708d ago
This is my face.
This is my face on my palm.
Ben_Rage_3  +   708d ago
You may actually be right. They have three announcements coming next week. 3.

jcnba28  +   708d ago
I will be canceling my PS4 pre-order if they announce the steambox next week.
majiebeast  +   708d ago
How can you cancel something when you never ordered it in the first place?
jcnba28  +   708d ago

You don't believe me? Would you like me to show you the receipt?
Deadpoolio  +   708d ago
How do you cancel something you never had pre-ordered? Hey if you actually did though and you feel the need to be a nitwit moron retard have at you.....Hell you can make love to the mid range PC in a small form factor all you want...If you think it's going to be more than that boy do you have some heartbreak coming your way
jcnba28  +   708d ago
ssj27  +   708d ago
why will you want a ps4 in the first place when you can build you own PC and going by the PC elitist you could build one more powerful than the PS4 for around $500 ?
No need for a steam console.

That's why you are full of B/S.. and getting disagrees .. your comments and way of thinking is stupid.

This steam console will fail big time if it goes against the PS4.
I can see a market for this 3 or 4 years down the road and only if this "steam box console " can play the same games any PC can at ultra high settings at 4k and it does not cost more than $800 and is optional for upgrades and easy to do them, plus easier set ups (meaning less stress to use than a conventional PC, a easy OS to navigate update and instal mods and etc, virus free, etc you get the point just like consoles but raw in power like PC's and upgradable)
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jcnba28  +   708d ago
"why will you want a ps4 in the first place when you can build you own PC, That's why you are full of B/S"

So my comment is full of BS because I don't want to build a pc and would like the idea of connecting a box to my flatscreen since it's much more convenient?


I was only buying the ps4 top play multiplats anyways. I don't like ps exclusives except uncharted that's about it.
The_Villager  +   708d ago
I've always wanted to play pc quality games on my flatscreen but I wonder how much it will be? I think it will have to be under $600 for it be successful.
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Rivitur  +   708d ago
Gabe said they had three tiers starting at 99$.
jmc8888  +   708d ago
$99? I thought it was three tiers ranging between $500-999.

You can plug in any PC to an HDTV. As long as your videocard has an HDMI out. Which is every video card of the last 5-7 years or so.

In other words...Xbox One, PS4, Steam Box, PS3, 360, and PC's all connect via an HDMI cable to an HDTV.
GeneralRaam93   708d ago | Spam
Soldierone  +   708d ago
I'll wait and see how the "upgrade" thing works and how much it costs based on that. If I'm throwing out 100 to 200 dollars every 2 or 3 years, I might as well just get a PC.

People like consoles because you buy one, and it lasts 8-10 years. If you plan to cut that down, you better be cost effective with it.
ninjahunter  +   707d ago
Perhaps valve is making a linux based OS that is gaming orientated. Valve has been saying a lot of good things about linux, but doesnt seem to be making any huge pushes in that area.

Steam box could just be code name for pc gaming in general with a new OS.
Feralkitsune  +   707d ago
I love how in this thread, people are talking about the steambox as if there are ANY confirmed facts about it.Which, I must remind you all; THERE AREN'T. Stop making stuff up, and using old rumors as facts. Hell, this could likely be nothing to do with the steam box.

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