Official PlayStation Magazine’s PS4 FAQ – what do you want to know?

OPM: How big’s the PlayStation 4′s hard drive? Can you change it? What happens to your PSN account? All this and more answered in our comprehensive PS4 FAQ.

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Majin-vegeta1641d ago

Can we change our PSN ID??Hell i wouldn't mind for $5 bucks.

Yi-Long1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

.MKV playback!?

Will dvd and bluray be region-free, or can they include a (paid?) option to unlock it!?

shivvy241640d ago

Seriously i want to change mine from shivvy24 to Shivvy_24 ! Lol im not joking

AusRogo1641d ago

Haha yeah mine is pretty embarrassing.. its got '69' in it -_- Hahaha

iiwii1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Why does it have to cost you to change your name? I don't understand this thinking from the younger generation. Changing your name should be something you can do for free. Microsoft have infiltrated everyones mind to think you have to pay to breath another breath.

Hellsvacancy1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Will the PS4 support MKV and other video codecs?

fghtrer3fb5erg1641d ago

if sony allowed ppl to watch mkv files on ps4 they would be in trouble big time, sony is trying to make money off ppl who buy bluray movies, etc, let alone letting us watch them for free on ps4 cause mkv is a bluray type of file.

steve30x1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

It will probably play mkv videos but two minutes in you will get a cinavia banner and muted audio. I have a micro pc running xbmc (media centre os) to watch all video formats

JimmyLmao1641d ago

just download MP4 files in the future, they're much better quality anyway =D and at a similar, if not the same size.

Hellsvacancy1640d ago

It's not that much of a bother if the PS4 doesn't support file types like that, i'm used to plugging my laptop into my TV (hdmi) anyway, that's not likely to change

I forgot about the Cinavia thing

Lucreto1641d ago

What type of HDD is required to upgrade to a bigger HDD.

M-M1641d ago

2.5 Sata most likely.

Lubu1640d ago

That's the thing though, there hasn't been confirmation. I'd like to have a HDD ordered and ready to install as soon as I boot up the system. So a confirmation sooner rather than later would allow me to get the best deal so I'm not pressed at the last minute to try to get one.

1OddWorld1641d ago

What is to come from your deal with Viacom?
Will PS4 get HBO Go app?

nevin11641d ago

Why would anyone use their real name?

THC CELL1641d ago

Why would people use there real name on Facebook. and they will be a option for u to show friends only

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The story is too old to be commented.