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TheDarpaChief1736d ago

More than deserves it. Played for four hours yesterday and just explored. This game is so fucking dense its retarded

dasbeer881736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I dont know man. I've seen user ratings from Gamespot and the average score there is an 8.8 for the Xbox360 and an 8.7 for the PS3. Perhaps GTA IV is better than GTA5?

Well I went on Metacritic right now,and the user score there for GTA 5 is an 8.2. Did this game fail to meet expectations?

EdoubleD1736d ago

No fucking way is GTA IV better than V. There is absolutely no way it is. Play it for yourself and see, the game is astounding.

trickman8881736d ago


Go away and stop trolling.

TheDarpaChief1736d ago

Watch dogs asstakers. Trevor phillips will take care of them

3-4-51735d ago

It's my favorite GTA by far. Most diverse city, great soundtrack, best story by far, switiching between 3 characters makes it play like 3 games.

It's amazing.

MajinOLesedi1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

In terms of aesthetics and graphics, GTA V is better than IV. But I feel GTA IV has far richer content to offer. The radio, the TV, the people, the cast of funny characters (damn I miss Brucie).

starchild1735d ago

User scores are freaking worthless. At least the averages are. Too many fanboys and douchebags with axes to grind. Those kind of people are the most drawn to writing user reviews.

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aCasualGamer1736d ago

I'm actually holding off with the exploration until the storymode is completed. It's quite hard though since the world is so fu****ng inviting!

I can say that the game is actually in my top 5 of my all time favorite game list.

1. Heavy Rain
2. God of war 3
3. Uncharted 2
4. GTA V
5. Red dead Redemption

Only thing missing from this game is another neighboring city, namely Los Vegos! Would make for the ultimate DLC pack if they actually did Casino heists and so on.

vishmarx1736d ago

holy F***....
ocean's 13 or some s*** like that would be jesus.
best thing is .its not completely bulls***. considering real Las Vegas is close by and hiests are totally planned instead of the typpical run and gun,it actually makes sense.

aCasualGamer1736d ago

I know! Ever since i saw oceans eleven i thought about someone making an awesome videogame from it. With GTA universe it's actually feasible. Oceans Eleven inspired GTA game with texas hold em, dices, blackjack etc. Now that's a game i would buy.

vishmarx1735d ago


The Beaver's Palace
cameo from jim carrey

Blackdeath_6631735d ago

after playing the last of us it is now my game of the year,game of the decade and game of the generation. that game really hit me hard in the feels the story is executed to perfection

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RXL1736d ago

i watched my friend for 30 minutes, run around and run/punch people...slide across the hood of a car and run/punch...jump off motorcycles and run/punch..etc etc.

i haven't laughed that hard in a long time

GodlyPanda1171736d ago

I contributed to that $1 billion!

Congrats to Rockstar :D

TrevorPhillips1736d ago

I bought two copies of the game, one for my brother and one for myself since we have 2 PS3's and waiting for online. Congrats R* lets reach 2 bil now lol :)

djtek1841736d ago

Yup, they sure earn my money.

TheDarpaChief1736d ago

Add me on psn if you want "SxE-Big-Boss" looking for people to do heists with online. Anyone can add btw

CaptainPunch1735d ago

Add me too, my PSN ID is DavesQuest. Need some homies to play GTA Online with.

EdoubleD1736d ago

One of the best things about this game is the banter between the characters, had a few chuckles watching the cutscenes.
The missions are so versatile as well, there is always a new surprise.
These guys deserve every penny they get.

MisfitsInc1736d ago

in only 3 days, my cousin and I both have 2 copies because we both put in 2 preorders like idiots.

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