GTA V’s Trevor is played by Canadian actor Steven Ogg

The craziest of Grand Theft Auto 5′s three main protagonists, Trevor Philips, is actually played by a Canadian actor from Calgary, Steve Ogg.

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pat_11_5958d ago

He's a pretty awesome actor apparently. I hope we see him in other stuff.

Cuders958d ago

trevor is my least favorite character. its like rockstar forces you to play him most of the time. hes a bully and he's obnoxious .

Cernunnos958d ago

And he is hilarious, and crazy, etc. etc. He is a fantastic character, and I love every bit of Trevor. He is such a psycho, and it's epic!

TrevorPhillips958d ago

Cuders, I'm your lest favourite huh, I'm going to kick your ass

Cuders958d ago

why so many disagrees? you cant have an opinion on N4G?

Ducky958d ago

You can, and people can disagree with it.

JackVagina958d ago

If you's have played all of trevors rampage side missions, you'd probably have guessed this already lol