GameSpy: Tales of Vesperia Preview

GameSpy writes: " As the tenth (or so) entry in Namco Bandai's long-running Tales series of Japanese RPGs, Tales of Vesperia will dazzle with its meticulously detailed cel-shading but may not tread on any new ground gameplay-wise. Similar in style to last year's Eternal Sonata, Tales of Vesperia boasts at least one feature that sets it apart: a dog with a snappy cigarette holder.

The Color and the Shape

Instantly apparent from your very first glimpse of Tales of Vesperia are the gorgeous visuals. Colorfully cel-shaded characters move with a fluidity typically reserved for feature-length animated films. Perhaps this has something to do with the involvement of world-renowned animation house Production I.G (famous for the "Ghost in the Shell," "Blood: The Last Vampire" and "Patlabor" anime series), who are responsible for the game's cut-scenes."

-Amazing cel-shaded graphics
-Cig-puffing punk rock dog
-Professionally directed cut-scenes

-Totally weird combat system
-Interminable story exposition

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rCrysis3812d ago

looking good. this is a buy for sure. i need a new 360 game anyways

rucky3812d ago

As much as I wish this was included on the PS3, i'm kinda happy for xbox owners that they'll be able to experience this great franchise from Namco.