PlayStation 4 Upgrade Programme: How To Upgrade PS3 Games to PS4 Games (VIDEO)

All the info you need on how to upgrade your PS3 games to their respective PS4 counterparts

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WeaseL1462d ago

Great, but I'm not impatient and can wait and just get the PS4 version only.

abzdine1462d ago

cool but i dont understand why people should keep the PS3 disc for PS4 version to work??? why not just register the disc on the profile like for the cross buy games and DL it from PS4 store when it first comes out?

Soldierone1462d ago

Because the games will still be somewhat new and they don't want people trading them in once they get the digital copy of it.

rbluetank1461d ago

I already have a few games in mind with this trade up program..