GameSpy: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Preview

GameSpy writes: "We've been big fans of Gearbox's Brothers in Arms franchise for years now, ever since Road to Hill 30 was released in early 2005. At a time when many gamers were sick and tired of the WWII genre, the game stood out thanks to its particular brand of authentic combat (the developers were always quick to point out the difference between "authentic" and "realistic") and an innovative squad-command system. This made it feel more like a strategy game than a traditional first-person shooter, as setting up in an advantageous position was usually more important than just being a crack shot. Although there was a sequel of sorts released later that same year, the first next-gen game in the series has been a long time coming. After playing it at a recent event in San Francisco, we'd say that Hell's Highway will be well worth the wait."

-New cover system
-Same great BiA gameplay
-Brutally authentic combat
-Emphasis on story and the psychology of war

-A few minor lighting bugs here and there
-Default difficulty might be a bit too easy for some

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FCOLitsjustagame3891d ago

I really liked Brothers in Arms and Full Spectrum Warrior type games. GRAW and Rainbow six have filled the need for the strategy FPS a bit but another BiA would be welcome and is long overdue.