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Deep Down: Hands-on with PS4-Exclusive action/adventure-RPG (TGS) | PSLS


I went deep. I went down. I went deep and down with Deep Down. This game had big hype behind it, but I had only known the name—nothing more.

Deep Down is an action-RPG for PS4 that features, well, going deep into a dungeon area. I didn’t catch the story of it all, but by the end, I didn’t really care about whatever the story was anyway, because the gameplay was good. As a demo, of course the play was kept very basic. I had a weak attack and strong attack with my spear, as well as a goofy Deion Sanders spin move, (which I of course used at every opportunity). (Deep Down, PS4)

knifefight  +   397d ago
Consensus seems to be that the combat was a little lacking. But things are very early; they'll probably add quite a bit, but couldn't get it all ready to show in time for this demo.
acharlez  +   397d ago
Polish will be key.
strifeblade  +   396d ago
Its F2P, don't expect much. The budget in this game is crap the second they announced f2p.
abusador  +   396d ago
From what i seen and knowing that this game is early in development with a release probably end of 2014 in Japan this game is looking awesome. Love the visuals (although some of the monsters art style leaves to be desired), the online play, the magic and they even showed someone playing along using the vita. The time stop magic and ice walls just really hooked me. Gameplay wise im not worried as pre Demon souls release ppl #icthed on how it looked so slow and clunky! Guess what? Fast forward and Soul series is awesome and easily one of the best RPGs of all time. This game obviously borrows alot from Souls and i have no doubt it will play fine with a a steady framerate!

At this point visuals arent perfect and yes it will go through alot of polishing but what has been shown tells us that what is to finally come will be great!!! (hopefully)
MotoDot  +   396d ago
I want this game now >_<
svoulis  +   396d ago
i will IMPORT this game if I have to.
strifeblade  +   396d ago
Don't worry you won't have to. Its F2p. :(
sandman224  +   396d ago
Nice. Reminds me of demons souls.
insertcoin  +   396d ago
I hope Capcom is able to pour in what they learned from Dragon's Dogma and Monster Hunter into this. Love the Dark Souls aesthetic.
Mr-SellJack  +   396d ago
I'm really looking forward to this game but..this is CapCom!expect lots of dlc,overpriced stuff,cut content...
I don't

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