GTA V may not be misogynist - but its 'supporters' are

GIB - "This vicious treatment of unpopular opinions robs us all of the chance to have nuanced discussions about our medium."

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nerdeu1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Oh, yeah. And their supporters are pulling guns and shooting random innocent people in broad daylight also, right? Pssshhhhh! The biggest misogynist people are the people complaining about differences in sexes when no one else cares.

Blaze9291544d ago

"when no one else cares."


majiebeast1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

If i was Micheal i would have already killed my family.

joe901544d ago

I agree, starting with jimmy.

Drenchk1011544d ago

Nah, personally, I'd start with that bitch daughter of his, Tracey.

gamernova1544d ago

Lmao the ol' guilty by association generalization technique.

PoSTedUP1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

woops, psvita browser glitch.

PoSTedUP1544d ago

noooo, there are male misogynist pigs playing gta!? that Cant be.
and in other news: senseless ignorant journalism is on the uprise.

some could be misogynist. most: too stupid to know what the hell that word means. and the rest, defending their right and freedom as a gamer to play what they want to play w/o it getting banned for some bull that keeps getting thrown in their face and wrongfully critized for. ok. so shut up with your ignorant crap, no body cares about that but you. us supporters just care about the friken game and fricken playing it. frick... lol

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