J-Stars Victory VS – Luffy vs Ichigo, Goku vs Naruto Videos

The four most popular anime characters battle it out in the crossover game for PS3 and Vita.

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tayz1829d ago

pure epic! i wish theyd just announce the release date now!!!

ILive1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Goku would literally pummel naruto into ash(not ash catchem).

HALOisKING1829d ago

agree goku beats naruto but naruto beats ichigo

LightningMokey1829d ago


Depends on which Ichigo. I think Current Ichigo with Both Ban-Kai and Vizard Mask would pummel Naruto.

gear1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

There is no one who can beat Goku.
If Goku gets serious he can beat all of them but there is one who is equal to goku that is pegasus SEIYA because Goku in Super saiyan+ is equal to Seiya golden armour since Seiya has the ability to slay a GOD!!
@HALOisKING well,to tell u the truth ichigo can beat naruto in seconds if ichigo is in his final form well naruto can use his kubi mode but is no match against ichigo(A demon is no match against DEATH!)

HALOisKING1829d ago

read my comment in the bottom please (:

SegaGamer1829d ago

This is so stupid, one punch from Goku and these guys would be dead :P XD

HALOisKING1829d ago

@kewl and gear. u guys naruto smashed 2 mountains with just his speed ichigo needs a sword to cut 1 mountain also naruto is fighting mardara and hes being called a god i think naruto would win

btw naruto can almost destroy a country if he uses his tale beast ball and lets not forget ichigo is really a normal human if he leaves his body naruto would destroy it lol and im pretty sure ichigo would fall for narutos shadow clone jutsu and when ichigo is done killing all the clones he will be all out of power going back to his normal form and it will be game over for him

and narutos skin regenerats when he gets cut so yeah goku > naruto > ichigo