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Submitted by Lavalamp 873d ago | news

Microsoft defends free Xbox Games with Gold - "we've got some great games coming up"

Speaking to OXM at our reader-exclusive Xbox One hands-on event last night, Xbox Live product manager Pav Bhardwaj has discussed the future of Microsoft's Games with Gold program, whereby Gold subscribers are handed two free downloadable Xbox 360 titles a month. There's still no definite word as to whether the program will continue past the end of 2013, but Bhardwaj suggested that it could "evolve" along lines drawn by Microsoft's free-to-play strategy on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. (Microsoft, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Bundi  +   873d ago
I think the games and they give us this month were pretty decent...if this were 2007 that is!
I know free is free, but at some point it just becomes insulting.I didn't even bother downloading this month games I mean a card game and nuts and bolts? Are you kidding me?!

yes I did not buy xbox live gold for the free games but if you're going to offer me free games please make them worth my while.
dirigiblebill  +   873d ago
Thing is, Magic 2013 and Nuts & Bolts were and are great games. They're just a bit old, and they don't fit the "OMG shiny blockbuster" criteria.
Maddens Raiders  +   873d ago
Well bundi is right. The games offered shouldn't need "defending" at all. The games offered should stand on their own "gold" merit, but this is too often, not the case.
Bundi  +   873d ago
I disagree, DR2 was old but that was a great gift. Crackdown as well, ACII, heck even Fable 3 as a great freebie.
I would even recommend Ghost Recon too!

The rest have been an insult IMO. Grid, Joyride Turbo, Magic 2013, nuts & Bolts...I mean come now.

As old as it is, I'm looking forward to playing Halo 3 again. Now that's a classic. How can this dude call hose 4 games classics?
PoSTedUP  +   873d ago
imagine if sony was like MS?

Sony: this months free game will be Haze. enjoy, f#%&ers.

yeesh, that would be a nightmare.

i feel like MS is that kid in last place (metaphorically speaking) thats struggling to cross the finsh line and everyone n their mother is trying to help him by giving moral support and advice from the sideline.

i hope they Really have some good games for yall considering their dedicated fanbase that has paid for the service for almost a decade, like cmon show some appreciation MS!! oh yeah thats right, they said they would ony continue the program if "they benifit" from it. microsoft, just stop. stop with the bs, you aint about the gamer at all obv. im not trying to be harsh either, idky but it makes me sick, its like watching someone take advantage of a [naive] person.
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hellzsupernova  +   872d ago
The problem is Sony is making them look bad with plus
The last three months for me I got assassins creed 3 far cry 3. Also include sleeping dogs, mass effect 3, battle field 3 of course it is going to look bad
ShinMaster  +   872d ago
Excuse me, Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie were great.

Nuts & Bolts? no.
minimur12  +   872d ago
Better than Far cry 3, Hitman Absolution, AC3, Need for Speed: Most wanted?
MrZweistein  +   873d ago
I have to agree. Only game i did not have was Magic 2013. All others I had already played or was not my taste of a game. Especially in germany which didn't had Dead Rising 2 which was a game that I wanted to play but couldn't. As I remember this game is blacklisted in germany which is a real shame!
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GearSkiN  +   873d ago
Microsoft free games is crap, but glad is free, we're sony is a rent not really free unless you stay with the plus.
Hellsvacancy  +   873d ago
"we've got some great games coming up"

Kane & Lynch and Iron Man 2 incoming

GearSkin? yes we may "rent" these games but after they've been beaten I delete them, I'd MUCH rather rent NEW games then get to keep oldskool games no one give a sh!t about

Besides I rent games anyway, currently renting Skyrim Legendary Edition, soon as i've got the trophies for all the dlc ill send it back
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joefrost00  +   873d ago
Well MS free games are actually free
Meaning if you lose gold you still get to play your games
PS plus games are not free so please stop saying that
Its like subscription based
It's like game fly accept you dont even get to choose what games you get
People complain about the games but they actually give you free games not like sony who lets you llay games free with but read the fine print
Kryptix  +   873d ago
If you're always going to be paying for Plus yearly then arguing about the games being "rental" or not doesn't make any sense. I payed $50 for a year and from playing most of the games Plus has offered, I'm going to subscribe again. That's the thing Sony is good at, they give you a reason to subscribe again. And since they're "rental," Plus offers more games than Gold does...and better games at that. And a lot of us can't keep all the games in the hard drive. Eventually you'll be deleting them and might not bother downloading them again.
andrewsqual  +   873d ago
@joefrost00 And you forget Games for Gold IS ENDING in 2 months. You get to keep the games because it was a rushed concept after the May 21st gargantuan epic console reveal failure. Do you think if they had time to plan it out they would have actually let you keep the games? It was out of their control because they can't activate additional "Services" for you on an Xbox Live account.
The service was released in desperation to stop people letting their Gold run out over the next 6 months after May and jump ship, like so many people have. What are those global Xbox Live gold numbers now Microsoft?
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Peckyyy  +   873d ago
How could Magic 2013? be a decent game in 2007 if it came out in 2013?
MrZweistein  +   873d ago
Magic Gathering 2013 XBLA card game. Sorry for using the short name :)
andrewsqual  +   873d ago
It was Magic 2012 that you got on Games for Gold not Magic 2013, the outdated one that nobody would be playing anymore. Are they going to give you FIFA 12 next?
XboxFun  +   873d ago
Yea, Magic was kind of ehhhh...

But I think Nuts and Bolts is great just because it was a great game that went unrecognized by many.

By offering that game free hopefully more people will try it and see how good it was prompting Rare to make a sequel for it.
zugdar  +   873d ago
Free is free. Nuts and Bolts, DR2 and Halo are far from 3rd party. I do agree however that they set it up to look more epic when they announced it.
KonsoruMasuta  +   873d ago
Dead Rising 2 and Assassin's Creed 2 were good games. Never played either of them before they put up for free.

Fable 3 was meh.

Magic the gathering is a horrible game to put up.

No doubt that PSN is the better and I'm not asking that Microsoft try to make this program the next PSN. I'm just asking that they try harder.

They should do a poll for these types of things and see what answers are the most possible.
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BabyTownFrolics  +   873d ago
Well the recent NA offerings on PSN have been getting many complaints on the PS+ subreddit. Apparently EU gets the better games. This month for NA its ICO and a couple of RE on rails games.

I guess its all in the eyes of the beholder.
MasterCornholio  +   873d ago
In October Europe gets Far Cry 3, Street Fighter X Tekken and Dragons Dogma. That's a pretty good selection in my opinion.

Nexus 7 2013
gamer2013  +   873d ago
A glorified game rental service does not equal overall better service. Better features, connectivity and social options would be better examples for comparing XBL to PSN.
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KonsoruMasuta  +   873d ago
Lets put the fanboyism aside for a minute. I'm not exactly comparing everything in the two services. I'm only comparing the free game aspects of each.

And in terms of what these two services are doing with game handouts, PS+ is the the better service.

If this conversation was about social options or connectivity I might agree with you. But that is not what this is about.

You can scream on and on about "glorified rentals" but if you're looking for free games, PS+ is the better service.
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ShwankyShpanky  +   873d ago
I'd say BF3, Vanquish, Deus Ex, XCOM, Infamous 2, Uncharted 3, Demon's Souls, Saint's Row 3, Sleeping Dogs, Far Cry 2, Bioshock 2, and SSFIV (and those are just *some* of the full retail games included with PS+) are much better features than cross game chat and "social options."
Tooly  +   872d ago
if the service was on xbox you would be singing so stfu ohh and the ps4 is built around the social aspect so dont worry bout that
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PrimeGrime  +   873d ago
Seems like you aren't doing a lot of things right when you constantly have to defend what you are doing.
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DiRtY  +   873d ago
If I really want a game, I just spend my money on it. If I don't want a game, I won't spend my money on it. Pretty simple, heh?

So the free games are the titles I play when I am bored and I won't complain about that. Dead Rising, Assassin's Creed 3, Halo 3, Banjo Kazooie are nice titles to play even today.
andrewsqual  +   873d ago
Yes you keep telling yourself that
DiRtY  +   872d ago
I bought Banjo n Kazooie for $50 and got the HD remake of the original for free with it. I enjoyed both games.
Tooly  +   872d ago
not ac3 you get ac2
Septic  +   873d ago
We get 'great games' till December and then what?

"and then we'll take a look at the program, see how well it's done, and how we want to go forward with it"

So what they haven't even thought about how they're going to move forward with it?

PSN puts this reward scheme to shame. MS really need to get their act together in this department unless they can somehow justify the cost now that the PS4 has bolstered its online social functionality.
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Kayant  +   873d ago
And that right there is the problem. Am happy they're finally trying to offer some value for live and giving free games old but totally free. But in all honestly I would have rather liked it if they introduced something similar to IGC on PS+ with free games that are relevant and less chances of you having played them already rather than this promotional offer. Even if IGC is a rental service at the end of the day it's the best damn rental you can pay for anywhere and not forgetting it's also the cheapest in the long run :)

Come on MS step up your game my X360 is waiting for a reason to justify paying for live.
gamer2013  +   873d ago
Pahleeze! XBL is, and has been the gold standard for online gaming on consoles for quite a few years now. Sony is just barley managing to keep pace with MS with their online infrastructure. Microsoft's recent Azure and Matchmaking upgrades along with everything thing else just puts PSN to shame.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   873d ago
MS are so confident and sure that they don't need to give any further true value to the Gold service.

How wrong they are. They seriously have some issues with their charge to return to customer ratio. The value they think they are giving just doesn't look that good from the customers perspective now that the competition has brought their online service up to speed.
ilovefatgirls  +   873d ago
magic was a bit of a piss take, i wouldnt mind but its not like theyve a small library to choose from infact all the games so far have been a bit of a piss take, ac2, vegas and l4d2 not so much but if youve already played them to death or heaven forbid actually own hard copy, your literally left paying 7 yoyo's a month to watch youtube and put in a few hours of battlefield
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GodGinrai  +   873d ago
I have to agree. aside from AC2 (I started playing the series at brotherhood so that one was cool for me...still really old though) and DR2+case zero was nice. The rest has been a piss take.

heres some quality games they should give away for free:

Forza horizon

Gears of war:judgement

Halo 4

el shaddai

atleast ONE COD game. they are the "COD box" after all.

if they insist on old games:

mirrors edge

el shaddai


See how easy that was MS? pull your head out your asses and get serious!
xDHAV0K24x  +   873d ago
I really think HALO 4 could get a boost if offered for free. So many ppl still playing REACH/HALO 3
XboxFun  +   873d ago
Dude, El Shaddai is such a great game that I know you put it down twice for a reason.

I frickin loved that game! Such a great stylized game that was different and a breath of fresh air.
ironfist92  +   873d ago
like Rainbow Six Vegas?
GiantEnemyCrab  +   873d ago
haha that is so funny that they actually chose that old game you can get for $5.00 and thought it was a good value return to their gold subscribers. It almost seems like an inside joke or something.
SirBradders  +   873d ago
Im sick of hearing microsoft defend this and that, i am specifically not buying any microsoft product anymore because i just don't trust them and have lost faith.

When they originally released xbox and the 360 it was all about the games with no trouble.

I just hope some xbox exclusives come to the PC.
#8 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
GhostPanther  +   873d ago
Hopefully, because so far it's been a joke.
Goku781  +   873d ago
They have Halo, and Titanfall, which plays like Halo. A whole lot to look forward to.
Hicken  +   872d ago
And neither of those is gonna be part of Games with Gold any time soon, if ever.

The hell was the point?
Wikkid666  +   873d ago
Hmmm... some people don't get what they're doing. Just a big ad for upcoming releases. Introducing people to game franchises that have new titles coming.

Assassins Creed
Dead Rising
Rainbow Six

We probably see more too...
#11 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Mikelarry  +   873d ago
Weve got some great games coming...... showdow run and legendary
#12 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
LoveOfTheGame  +   873d ago
Does no one realize this is almost exactly how PS+ started out?

Look back at what was initially free for PS+ and then compare it to this. MS will mostly likely develop just like they did until they find a comfortable medium to have a satisfactory lineup that is profitable to them.

Most likely, it won't be as good as the Instant game collection just by the fact that you are given the game instead of renting it. But seriously, people need to calm down on thinking this setup is just going to be awful. It just needs time to mature but we still need to let MS know that we expect more from them. I mean why couldn't they at least gotten Vegas 2 instead of 1? Anyway, it still is providing some fun for me and some of my friends who never played Vegas before.
etownone  +   873d ago
There's a reason they are giving R6.... It's the same reason the gave away Dead Rising...

They want to get as many gamers on board with these franchises for the next gen releases.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   873d ago
So again, MS is thinking about nickels and dimes instead of giving something good to their customers as an appreciation for their gold payment. Nothing MS does seems to be a thank you, it always has ulterior motives connected to their greed and they always have an excuse for it.
etownone  +   873d ago
That's one way to look at it...

My kid never liked or played Dead Rising... Until it was offered for free. He then played them coop with his buddies and loved it. Now he wants Dead Rising for Xbox One.
rainslacker  +   873d ago
Sony does this at times too. I'd imagine to give away a free game they'd have to have permission from 3rd parties if it isn't one of their own. I could list any number of PS+ game offers that were obviously there to promote the next in the series. Some others are there to promote anything with Micro-Transactions. So they aren't as altruistic as one may initially think.

Sony does offer other games with no sequel in site though, and a broader range of titles, some that have no MT involved whatsoever.

I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt because I know it's new for them. PS+ wasn't always awesome with their IGC, but it came a long way in a short time.
#14.1.2 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
gjruk  +   873d ago
The problem I have what he said is 'we are mainly aiming this at new customers' what about the customers who have been paying for gold for 7+ years! Maybe you should think about then, waste of money.... how can he talk about Killer Instinct aswell, it's £60 if you want everything... it's not free to play if it's more expensive than retail!
I'm going PS4, can't be bothered with this anymore, i'll watch Halo 5 on youtube lol.
azshorty2003  +   873d ago
Coming up? isn't there only like 2 months left?
Dlacy13g  +   873d ago
Oct, Nov, Dec...I do believe that is 3.
xDHAV0K24x  +   873d ago
There should be a window on the dashboard that lets us choose out of a select few. Either that, or we can vote for what we want. Free is free though. I'm not complaining.
Clarence  +   873d ago
Oh boy get ready for mrs. PAC man and qubert
andrewsqual  +   873d ago
Only 2 more months left before its over and they are done with Xbox 360 and caring about its customers.
H0RSE  +   872d ago
I have Gamely and a job, so the the free games on either system are whatever. Any game I wanted to play, I have, either rented it or bought it.

Also, the age of a game does not dictate its quality. It isn't the fact that MS is offering older games that is the problem, it's that they are offering mediocre games that happen to old. I can't comment on PS+, because I don't use it.
#20 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
romancer  +   872d ago
Between GTA5 -- (and, for some, Diablo 3) -- and perhaps being a "completionist" in Bioshock Infinite, plus numerous iOS and Android games -- to say nothing about multiplayer matches in Battlefield 3 or Splinter Cell: Blacklist ---
Who's got time to worry much about more games even if they're free?

Unless there are a great may unemployed people who do nothing but play games and/or bitch about them.

There's more around to interest serious gamers than there is to complain about.
#21 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DevilishSix  +   872d ago
Compared to what Sony has been offering as free with their paid service the 360 games have been pretty crap.
gcolley  +   872d ago
Ungrateful generation.
Deathdeliverer  +   872d ago
Get ready for next months phenominal free games! The incredible Perfect Dark Zero followed by the smash hit Viva Pinata! Step it up for Xbox One microsoft, otherwise my PS4 on button will be worn out. Whenever im not on KI or Titanfall that is. More games and assloads of true free2play & great CURRENT games via PS+. Hell even the lower prices for plus members on select items is great cause those savings are usually on everything new. You might not get the game you want for free on plus but chances are it has a special price for you.
qzp  +   872d ago
Some how i new crackdown 1 would be one of the games offered lol my god they are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel
urwifeminder  +   872d ago
People would whinge and cry at a tissue convention just more ungrateful spoilt brats.
NeloAnjelo  +   872d ago
Thanks for the 25 cents MS.

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