Sony explains why PS4 will launch in Japan after the West

EG:PlayStation 4 will launch in Japan after it launches in the West due to a lack of Japan-orientated games available this November, Sony has said.

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Bigpappy1736d ago

I got the answer. No nead to explain. To try and win back the west where all the money is made.

KonsoruMasuta1736d ago

Actually it's because they don't have any games that will appeal to a Japanese audience as of now.

That's like launching in America with nothing but visual novels and JRPGs. It's not going to work out well.

abzdine1736d ago

The Last Guardian launch line-up game would be massive!

DKSP1611736d ago

Its obvious why, PS4 will sell out in Japan no matter when its released so they can focus on trying to gain other markets.

DevilishSix1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I think it makes sense to concentrate in the West first because it was the only region MS still dominates. Sony is market console leader in Europe and Japan, so they want to take the fight to MS first, it's a good move.

GirlOnFire1736d ago

Japan will be rewarded for their patience I already know it. I hope everyone is happy with their PS4. ^~^

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SSJBen1736d ago

The irony is that the PS4 is releasing throughout Asia in December... and that means, any whiny Japanese gamers can just cross the border into South Korea and get a unit, or import one if they can't wait an extra 4 months.

Why is this such a big deal?

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