CD Projekt on The Witcher, PC Games and Piracy

CD Projekt's Tom Ohle on The Witcher and More from Tom's Games

Last October, saw the release of CD Projekt's fantasy role-playing game for the PC, The Witcher. While the game did not offer any multiplayer features and was generally overshadowed by bigger-name and more heavily hyped titles, the Witcher was still a tremendous success. Critics gave the title rave reviews (including a "9 out of 10" from Tom's Games own Ryan Lord). In addition, the PC exclusive sold 600,000 copies in its first three months, according to CD Projekt.

Tom's Games: Are there any plans to bring The Witcher to the Xbox 360 and/or PlayStation 3?

Tom Ohle: We don't have anything specific planned yet, but console versions of The Witcher are definitely in consideration. If and when we do a console version of the game, it has to stand up against other top titles on that platform, and that means a significant investment of time and money. We won't just release a straight port.

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Pathard3812d ago

I have the PC version of this game and wow.. it's really a great RPG. The game was actually worth the playthrough twice. I loved it.
If it's ported to consoles.. I'm sure a lot of people with weaker computers would love it as well!

As for the interview, he made a lot of good points. It usually is the parents fault that the kids are playing violent games and think it's okay to hurt people..

mariusmal3812d ago

i played at a friends house and it's indeed a great rpg. i was going to buy the game but im gonna wait for the enhanced version with reduced loading times and tweaks of all kinds. the only thing we hated was the big loading times even on a good pc