Sony Unaware of GTA 5 PSN Issues

Gameranx: "People are upset over the GTA 5 technical problems on PSN, but Sony hasn't noticed the outcry."

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TrevorPhillips1709d ago

I'm having issues with my PS3 retail version of the game, it's freezing, frame rate drop, pop ups and graphics washed, what could be the issue guys :(

M-M1708d ago

I never had any of those problems apart from aliasing and I have the downloaded version.

Pixel_Enemy1708d ago

Obvious troll is obvious...

GentlemenRUs1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

It happens from time to time.

Yesterday I had some issues with parts of the map disappearing and reappearing but that's it.

Today its only happened once so I don't know what's to blame =/

Dasteru1708d ago


What is with this new redundancy fad?

Fergusonxplainsall1708d ago

I downloaded the PSN version and I've noticed no problems at all. The ferris wheel showed up and everything( so no pop in). No freezes for me:D

My friend has the Xbox 360 version. I wont get into it but the ferris wheel had a delay in popping It don't matter still a great game.

Lies are these!

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TrevorPhillips1708d ago

Just to let you know guys that I'm not hating on the game, trolling or anything believe me I love the game so much, I'm just wondering why I'm experiencing these issues that's all

kreate1707d ago

There's too many variables to consider that no one here can answer ur question.

Its something that needs to be addressed to rockstar, not sony. Rockstar will figure out what the problem is and let sony know.

Ur first comment is a obvious troll while ur 2nd comment is either damage control or playing stupid.

TrevorPhillips1707d ago


I wasn't trolling at all, I am literally having these problems even for my brother

WildArmed1708d ago

Have you tried deleting the install files and re-installing?

TrevorPhillips1708d ago

I'll do that as soon as I jump on my PS3

XboxFun1709d ago

That is very sad to hear that Sony doesn't care or seem to know about the issues some people are having with the downloaded version of GTA V.

Maybe Sony or R* should pull GTAV off the network until they can get these problems resolved with a patch or something.

JustPlay41708d ago

Lets not be over dramatic, it sucks for the people that are having issues,but pulling GTAV off the network is overkill and would PI$$ off a lot of people

they should have fixed soon I hope, as for them not noticing the people having problems who knows why

Fergusonxplainsall1708d ago

What problems?! I played till my PS3 almost exploded. I noticed nothing but awesome.

I do know R* looks in to all problems and releases patches quite often and Sony will be getting in touch of R* if problem escalates.

People act like hey let's troll and make up a BS problem to make our game cooler(Xbox)..That's what I personally think. It's a trick. Acting like they won't do nothing is silly, they will act if it escalates..Which it hasn't.

LordMaim1708d ago

Or maybe there aren't any issues, and they're genuinely confused. Your XboxFun trolling aside, my version has been running perfectly since midnight Tuesday, for roughly 18 hours a day without a single issue. Aside from insomnia.

FamilyGuy1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

Hmmm, MS doesn't have day 1 digital huh?
Mad the digital version wasn't an option or something?

Also, doesn't the 360 have an issue with running poorly if you install disc 2? As in the devs suggest that you only install disc one. Meanwhile on PS3... one disc.

XboxFun1706d ago

Yes the 360 does have issues when you download the same as the PS3 day 1 download. This article is about the problems of the PS3 not the 360.

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Zancruz1708d ago

That's crazy, I haven't notice any problems...

JackStraw1708d ago

me and my brother both downloaded the digital version and neither of us have experienced any of these issues. i've had one minor freeze happen to me, but other than that, the game runs incredibly smooth.

PoSTedUP1708d ago

i heard about the digital version having problems very similar to the 360's if you installed the second disc. im sure they'll fix it soon. maybe theyll even fix All the little issues too, thatd be dope.

SIRHC131708d ago

After lengthy sessions, some environments just begin to downright not load on my PSN copy. Kind of frustrating.

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