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5 Things I Hate About GTA V

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gaelic_laoch1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Worst thing about GTA is PC Gaymers sniffing around like dogs in heat trying to get in on the action! Attack Chop sick balzzzzzz!

Einhert1643d ago

Worst thing about N4G is these single system peasants who make silly remarks like this.

Pro Racer1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

They're just ignorant trolls. When GTA V gets its PC release, everything wrong with the game will be fixed with mods and these fools will be whining that their temporary last-gen console exclusivity is gone.

dodo1011643d ago

The things he dislikes are the things i like!

Awesomeo30001643d ago

this article should be why i hate gta driving

Deividas1643d ago

Good points, but the Cops searching for you for too long I think was good though, I mean if you killed someone, they wouldnt give up after 30 seconds :)
Best Improvement: Cops searching for you
Worst Improvement: Car Damage is turned down.

Ripsta7th1643d ago

Yeah sucks, something to do w the new engine though, i rarely fly off my windshield when im going over 90 mph and crash a trailer