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The Greatest Game Of All Time – GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V is the greatest game of all time! (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

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ArchangelMike  +   746d ago
Game of The Year is going to be between GTA V and The Last of Us.

It'll probably go to GTA V as it is a multiplatform title. But then again it's just got so much Awesome.
hankmoody  +   746d ago
As good as The Last of Us was, I think what it's sorely lacking is replay value. I loved it, I thought it was a fantastic game but when I beat it, I simply had no desire to go back to it. I'd like to at some point but just not right now.

GTA V gives you quite a bit of bang for your dollar. And that's without the online component.
gaelic_laoch  +   746d ago
"I think what it's sorely lacking is replay value. I loved it,"

I understand exactly what you mean but that restriction would rule out a large percentage of games ever made!
Einhert  +   746d ago
I'm going to get all kinds of flak for saying this but I don't think a restrictive linear closed in game deserves to win GOT when there are titles like GTA V around.

The last of Us was great but GOTY to me should be a game that can provide 100s of hours of entertainment and be open ended and allow for options.

The mission variety in GTA V is untouchable and the last of us while as good as it was had some faults that held it back for me.
majiebeast  +   746d ago
Yeah that amazing mission variety

Drive here kill this drive back.

The gunplay is still as bad as ever in GTA and the driving still is far from perfect also they messed up the shooting out of a car mechanic.

So far GTA V is the most overrated game of the year 9,8 on metacritic my ass. Its probably a solid 8.5 or 9.
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Wni0  +   746d ago
It may have a lot of variety, but none of them are as well made as TLoU. A sandbox is a sandbox for a reason. Every section of a level in TLoU is carefully planned and measured, where as GTA, 80% of the missions are free form, so they have to make generic fetch quests. But from the gameplay ive seen, they have made it more seamless, hopefully they added smarter checkpoints.
Einhert  +   746d ago
Should have expected as much from N4G, criticise a PS3 exclusive and meet your doom.

Thing is the last of us if anything more than has its problems and its not a perfectly mapped out level to level experience.

- The story was fairly predictable

- The game mechanics were silly, kill a guy with a certain gun expect ammo, no ammo, kill infected ammo...what?

- The constant fetching of things for ellie to climb on wasn't repetitive?

- criticise GTA for being drive here kill this drive back, what a blanket untrue statement. Like me saying The last of us, run down that corridor, shoot this, shoot that, fetch something for ellie to climb on.

- The shooting system was pretty horrible

- The stealth options were very limited, the same choking animation over and over.

- enemies take stupid amounts of damage which doesn't suit the feel of the game and I find it immersion breaking.

That plus the fact it is a scripted linear 10 hour campaign means for me it is not GOTY material.
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Ezz2013  +   746d ago
why you act like this game is only loved on n4g ?!
pretty much this game is loved every where
and i have gone to most sites and gamers still see it as GOTY and GOTG even after GTAV....(i really don't care about that though)
TLOU is my GOTG and that is all that matter to me

i was about to say i disagree with your opinion but respect it
untill you wrote this :
"scripted linear 10 hour campaign"

this game have the least amount of scripted parts in any linear game and it's not even linear most of places are pretty big that allow for different ways of gameplay
and allow you to explore
and the story is far from predictable
i never saw the ending coming
and it also not 10 hours game
it took me on both normal and hard 20+hours
and for most gamers it's 15-20+hours game

so again i disagree with you on pretty much every thing in your comment
but any way i still respect your opinion though
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MarcoGT  +   746d ago
I completely agree but fanbgirls will be all over you here, last of us has nothing on GTA and rip off in comparison.
So much variation and stuff to do, the cars physics I don't like that much but it's better than the last of us cars....

Let the beat down comence!
gaelic_laoch  +   746d ago
Though call!!!! I would have to call draw on TLOU and GTAV!

TLOU was innovative and fresh while GTA has perfected and reinvented the genre it created! Best year ever for gaming and owning a PS3!
Sm00thNinja  +   746d ago
I love the Last of Us but what was innovative and fresh about it. I'd say it was just a highly refined blend of genres with a fantastic story. The combat was excellent. The story was amazing but it didn't do anything groundbreaking.
gaelic_laoch  +   746d ago
I would say the presentation of the story making it on a par with any AAA movie and doing it well was innovative and fresh.
There are very few methods left to deliver a gaming experience that going forward it will be how they are presented as a serious medium to an ever maturing audience that will count!
Sm00thNinja  +   746d ago
Aaa ah but with next generation hardware do you really think fresh and innovative game experiences are days gone by?? This much touted power of the PS4 can't all be for nothing? The Last of Us was a sweet farewell to an amazing generation of consoles and GTA V is the icing on that cake. The Last of Us did nothing new. It just did everything better than most genres before it, Really a testament to Naughty Dogs achievement

On that note I can agree with you're argument that the story was a breath of fresh air
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byeGollum  +   746d ago
the greatest hype of all time
SoulSercher620  +   746d ago
Get your popcorn ready people. I have a feeling this won't be pretty.
The Meerkat  +   746d ago
Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force agrees.
SolidGear3  +   746d ago
The Last of Use, Beyond: Two Souls and BioShock: Infinite .. I have no interest in any GTA so those are my picks.
Stoppokingme  +   746d ago
GTAV Vs TLOU *ding ding ding*
Wni0  +   746d ago
So using this logic, GTA 6 will be the greatest game ever! No contest! Its not if but when! Because you can do 10 more things than you could in GTA V and it has Better graphics! And customizable character!

Come on... Theres a difference between movies that are awesome, (Pulp Fiction, Fight Club,) and movies that are considered the best, (8 1/2, Stalker, Citizen Kane.)

GTA isnt even the best game this year, TLoU is. And Beyond Two Souls might be incredible too.
Sm00thNinja  +   746d ago
I loooove the Last of Us. Beaten on hard plus working on survivor! But GTA V is a whole nother beast! And I know playstation fans want the GOTY to be on PS3 but GTAV without GTA ONLINE is the GOTY. The Last of Us was a better told story may I add.

And here come the disagrees. The Last of Us was a 10/10 game it gave me a feeling at the end that few games do, but GTA V IS FRIGGIN AMAZING SO MANY ACTIVITIES
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