New Mortal Kombat 8 Information Imminent

With less than 20 hours away, new information from next generation Mortal Kombat 8 will finally be revealed.

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Breakfast3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

For debate:

New Mortal Kombat or New Street Fighter

which one is gonna be better?

Edit: Dont agree with me. Debate with me.

MikeGdaGod3895d ago

since i haven't seen much of either, i gonna have to say Tekken will be better than both.

barom3895d ago

Soul Calibur is gonna blow everything out of the water anywayz.

Ri0tSquad3895d ago

trilogy - broken
MK4 - broken
Mk Gold - broken
Dead alliance - broken
Deception - broken
Armageddon - very broken

Street Fighter 4's graphics do disappoint me and fans but the gameplay always comes first for Capcom. Unless Midway focuses on gameplay first with Mk8, it could end up being another broken Mortal Kombat game that will just look good.

I love Mortal Kombat but these are just the facts.

Genuine3895d ago

I like both franchises, but my vote would go to Mortal Kombat by a shave. Pulling off a 12 hit, followed by a Fatality is as satisfying as it is embarassing to whoever is on the recieving end.

Keowrath3895d ago

Breakfast, Streetfighter4 as usual by a LANDSLIDE. Mortal Kombat gameplay has never got anywhere close to the fluidness of the Capcom title.

I'm still an MK fan and have been since the original hit the arcades years ago. I own pretty much every MK title to date and do enjoy them immensley but MK has always been about the contraversial, blood, gore, fatalities and over the top characters. Sadly, it's never seemed to put gameplay first.

That being said, I still have high hopes for the next title and will probably buy it day one as long as they go back to the original style fatalities and move away from that custom crap from the last game.

MK_Red3894d ago

It's wrong to say MK has weaker gameplay than SF. It's like comparing a W-RPG like Oblivion or Diablo to a J-RPG like Final Fantasy. MK's gameplay is great in a completely different way.
Plus story and character wise, MK beats the crap out of any other fighter. Add gore and fatality and...

Also, MK:DA and MK:D both are considered to be among best fighters of last gen and MK:D actually won all of the best fighter awards at it's years E3.

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Omegasyde3895d ago

Wow, how do you perform that move? Up and High Kick? XD

Omegasyde3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Hara Kiri for you then.

Edit: Breakfast, you just reminded me of what a mistake they did with the last game. Please No more.

I will admit the "kreate a kharacter" was "kool" but so many people used all the cheap moves.

Breakfast3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

What the hell is "Hara Kiri"?

lol...oh i just checked wiki...i never played that game.

how bout this one.


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