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Xbox One: stand it vertically “at your own risk”, warns Microsoft

Xbox One should be played horizontally, Microsoft’s senior director of product management and planning Albert Penello has warned. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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theWB27  +   651d ago
As some stated on VG...why would the drive be a problem if there's a mandatory install even on disc based games? Either way I'm too nervous to stand my consoles vertical.

Always be paranoid that something, anything will knock it over.
TomShoe  +   651d ago
It'll probably be like the disk killer X360 super slim.

theWB27  +   651d ago
That's been known since the console released though. I don't know why they never fixed...or why people would move the console why playing.
PoSTedUP   651d ago | Bad language | show
stevehyphen  +   650d ago
This is another example of lacking PR.

The correct thing would be to say: "Do not stand your Xbox One vertically." If they don't want you to do it, just say so. Be direct.

Using "at your own risk" is just terrible.
onyoursistersback  +   650d ago
"Go home XboxOne, you're drunk..."
PoSTedUP  +   650d ago
@onursistersback: yeah, that thing cant even stand up straight.
user5575708  +   650d ago

I think the real problem lies in the fact that outside of gaming websites most will not be aware of this.
theBAWSE  +   650d ago
wait can't the super duper 300,000 virtual servers computing cloud power cool it? s/

Ms need to flat out say don't put it on its side!! , NOT the terrible PR saying 'at own risk' or I see rrod mark 2 in the future
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badz149  +   650d ago
LOL is the only thing I can do thinking about this!

the big breathing space inside the box is so empty, they are afraid parts are going to collapse if you put the console on its side!

this is pure rocket science stuff! /s
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MazzingerZ  +   651d ago
SONY included Disc-lock even on PS2 and MSFT is still cheap regarding that? X360 didn't have disc-lock either that's why you shouldn't move it while reading discs, probably same thing applies to the X1 and what they mean with that statement
Why is the console so expensive? Powerbrick, controllers uses batteries, no disc-lock...
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nerdeu  +   651d ago
Buy a Xbox One "at your own risk", warns nerdeu.

The console looks far from finished and MS are confirming it themselves. If the concept is meant to be confusing then MS has nailed it ... but I'm pretty sure that wasn't their intention.
Gekko36   650d ago | Bad language | show
The Meerkat  +   650d ago
Heat rises.
It might cause some components to over heat.

Or it might restrict the amount of air the fans can draw in. Covering one of the side air vents cannot be good.
GodGinrai  +   650d ago
@meerkat. makes sense. the vents are situated on the top of the console for heat to rise, as well as on the sides.Considering that they intend for it to be on for long periods, thats a sensible thing to do. They never designed it to stand sideways, so I dont know why they just dont say "it is intended to be placed horizontally" sounds less dramatic than "at your own risk".
Killjoy3000  +   650d ago

You're the definition of damage control.
theWB27  +   650d ago
Because I don't look at things like this like it's the end of the world? Oh well...I never stood my PS360 on its side. Who the F cares.

I'll leave the over reaction and omg teh powuh bwick, controlluh bateriezz, what is M$ doingz- I'll leave that to people who want to do that.

I just don't care. I play games....not worry about arbitrary things like not being able to stand it on its side, or find a little extra room for a power brick.
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-Superman-  +   650d ago
Microsoft + Hardware = FAIL
Sony + Hardware = PRO

Microsoft never know how to make good hardware
Magicite  +   650d ago
they also often fail at software
Goku781  +   650d ago
From the people who brought us the Red Ring of Death.....what will they not think of next?
THC CELL  +   651d ago
I don't no anyone that stands a ps3 or Xbox on its side.
stubbed_out  +   651d ago
I stand them side by side.

Have had the PS3 since 2008 (MGS edition) and the 360 since 2010...both still working fine. (fingers crossed!)
mcstorm  +   651d ago
I do but that is because my TV stand had 3 shelves. Top one has 5 HDD's and Surround sound speaker. 2nd Shelf has my Sky box on and 3rd one has my Amp for my Surround sound system. The I have the PS3, 360 and WiiU stood up next to each other one one side of the stand and my home server plus another 2 HDD's on the other side.

Its not a major issue for me as I am going to put my surround sound speaker on top of the stand where the tv is, then move the HDD's to the side part as I am putting the 360 in a back room and then put my One on the top stand but I see why people want to stand it up.
stevehyphen  +   650d ago
I bet one day when you move, you will find cats and small children in the cable jungle behind that unit.

I have nightmares about setups like that. haha :)

Sounds like you should have a bucket full of remotes and game controllers next to the couch. It's probably just easier that way.
mcstorm  +   650d ago
Lol I moved 3 years ago and was a nightmare sorting it all out and I did have everything tidy behind the tv but some how it has managed to mess its self up.

I do have way to many controllers but I got a stand to put them on. I do have to many remotes though but as I have a sony system everyone is able to control the sound system and tv.

I do have a big box in the cornor of the room that has a Amiga32, Gamecube, Dreamcast, SNES and N64 in too and when we decide to pull them out my front room is just a mess of cables other half hates it lol.
stevehyphen  +   650d ago
The other half always hates cables.

Modern mobile devices make it worse, too. The night stand next to the bed has become worse than the entertainment center.
Vita charger, iPhone charger, two or three micro usb chargers for phone, tablet, e-reader, etc.
mcstorm  +   650d ago
I know what you mean I now have a Lumia 925 so have a wireless charger on there now too taking up space.
SegaGamer  +   650d ago
I used to stand my 360 on it's side but the drive gets stuck when i try to open it these days.
rainslacker  +   650d ago
I know a guy that has a cool setup with his PS3 mounted to the wall next to the TV, which is flush with the wall. All his components are either hidden or mounted in such a way. It's all pretty sleek...wish I had a picture to share.
stubbed_out  +   651d ago
Submerge it in a fish tank "at your own risk"
memots  +   651d ago
Insert VCR cassette at your own risk
GiggMan  +   650d ago
LOL. You mean VHS?

*Damn I'm old*
memots  +   650d ago
Vhs , Betamax , VCR is more the term for these machines lol ..

On topic who would put the original Xbox sideways ? The design or the X1 is pretty much the same.

Put it facedown why don't you ...
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stubbed_out  +   649d ago
"Put it facedown why don't you ..."

I generally like to put them with the disk tray facing down, then I eject the games using the controller and watch the console do push-ups.
MasterCornholio  +   651d ago
Why would it be risky to set it vertically? Unless the console wasn't designed for a vertical set up I really don't see the issue with that.

Nexus 7 2013
Prototype_79L  +   651d ago
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MasterCornholio  +   650d ago
I have my PS3 in a vertical position and I never had an issue with it especially with a stand that stabilizes the system.

Nexus 7 2013
pyramidshead  +   650d ago
Don't think you can stack it either. It's like 95% vent.
talocaca  +   651d ago
Microsoft should learn from Paula Seen and shut up for a while...
nerdeu  +   651d ago
I was just about to mention that. WHY are they making negative PR for their own product? Either make the console able to stand vertically or shut up about it, MS. It's not like they hadn't the money or time to make put effort in such an easy task while designing the console.

I think they were SERIOUSLY caught by Sony in February and just rushed out an incomplete design. If you don't believe me then read this article. The Xbox One as a concept is really confusing and far from finished during launch. It's not looking good at all:

SignifiedSix91  +   650d ago
So now its bad for a company to warn its customers about something its product is not designed to do?

Man you guys really never give up, do you?
amiga-man  +   651d ago
To me this is typical M$ and highlights even more the difference in quality of the engineers building the two respective machines, one has built in power brick a smaller more elegant design and if you want to stand it on it's side no problem all while being the more powerful machine.

The xbone has an external power brick, it's the size of a 1990's VCR complete with a big ass fan to keep it cool, so not being able to put it on its side is not unexpected, mind you the size of the thing it would look stupid anyway.

All it shows is that M$ are not great hardware engineers.
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Goku781  +   650d ago
I was just thinking about it being a VCR when I saw your comment lol.
bahabeast  +   651d ago
microsoft is lousy IMO my ps3 i can actually pick up and shake it while the game is playing with no disk scratching. Come on microsoft stop its 2013 not 1999.
RevXM  +   650d ago
I do not know if you are dumb or brave for trying to find out if PS3 reacts to you pick it up and shake it while it is on...

Im not going to try, but I am sure tempted to troll people on the webs and say the that "I DID SHAKE THE SHIT AND NUTTIN HAPPEND, ITS A TANK. Thank god technology has advanced!!!" then a hundred angry people will reply to my comment.

"Holy shyt u douchebag, broke my console!" lmao.
bahabeast  +   650d ago
well i guess i am dumb cuz i did try it.
badz149  +   650d ago
no disc scratching on the PS3 was more due to all Bluray discs have protective layer on them, not because of the PS3 itself. true story

you can slide retail Bluray discs on the table or on the floor and it will still works flawlessly! another huge advantage of BD over DVD aside from the storage space.
Zichu  +   651d ago
I don't like placing them in a vertical position. I used to have it vertical on a chest of drawers, and sometimes those chest of drawers would get knocked. Just too risky. Had it horizontal since then, which has been like 4 years now.
Walker  +   651d ago
LOL, you can stand PS4 vertically and horizontally without a risk ! One of the many PS4 advantages !
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RevXM  +   650d ago
Well it could get damaged if knocked over though.
And I have a slightly higher risk of that happening cause I have a dog whos tail is living its own life at times. A 4KG console is no feat for a happy husky's tail lol.

Also the couple renting out the appartement I live in have 3 cats that come down here sometimes... http://www.stuffistumbledup...
viveks86  +   650d ago
Whoa!!! Dog tail knocking over a PS4??? That must be one heck of a husky! :D
BG11579  +   651d ago
So, it doesn't do everything...
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badz149  +   650d ago
"All in One. Input ONE"

so...basically they didn't lie or anything. how you put the console is not considered as input. lol
PS4isKing_82  +   650d ago
$500 for a console that can't even stand vertically? No thanks.
ruefrak  +   650d ago
So I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for the big Microsoft news to come out of TGS, and the only thing I get is you can't stand the console vertically?? That's it?!

So at the last major gaming expo before the launch of two next-generation consoles, and the only thing people seem to be talking about is the Vita. Sony, my hat is off to you for learning how to control the conversation.
OrangePowerz  +   650d ago
The PS3 and PS4 are slot loading .
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badz149  +   650d ago
not the Super slim PS3
OrangePowerz  +   650d ago
Not the super slim, but that one is an ugly abomination anyway :)

Wii and WiiU also have slot loading and are used vertically as well without issues.
cabbitwithscissors  +   650d ago
Oh my! these guys created a supposed super console, with all the bells and whistles that allows for gaming and media, treated the gamers like idiots, got whacked left, right and center, did a 180 on their policies, but they forgot to make their box idiot proof.

How's that ? Who's the idiot for not thinking of putting in an orientation sensor to disallow vertical operation on your box ?

My guess is that it doesn't work or can't work because it's at a 90 degree angle. Perhaps it's work better when you put it upside down ? you know like another 180 ?
Rhythmattic  +   650d ago
"we just didn’t design the drive for vertical"

Its a slot loading drive that uses blu-ray... Welcome to an unscratchable (general use) optical media...

Im sure it won't Fu*k up your Xbone laser lens, surely ?
christocolus  +   650d ago
Damn..I see a lot of kids in here.......smh
Hicken  +   650d ago
And the same old apologists.
medman  +   650d ago
Xbone...turn it on at your own risk. Vegas is taking bets on how soon the first Xbone will go up in a puff of smoky ruin due to overheating issues yet again. The sad truth is you can't stand it vertically, but you probably won't have better luck laying it horizontally either.
Goku781  +   650d ago
Buy an XBox 1 at your own risk is what they should have said. I'm sure everyone has seen this, but at this point for 2013 Xbox launch, just replace Sony with Microsoft, and it fits everything that they have done very well. http://m.youtube.com/watch?...
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strigoi814  +   650d ago
I hope Sony will show PS4 playing disc even the console is upside down lolz
#19 (Edited 650d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
byeGollum  +   650d ago
well.. he stated that the console's disc drive wasn't designed for vertical position. it would be so funny.. 'cause there'll be stupid people who do it anyways and cry afterwards
badz149  +   650d ago
which is very sad indeed! pc cd drive works no matter what position you put the on. and it has been for the longest time. my portable CD drive works in any position too but somehow a 2013 product can't?

Grave  +   650d ago
At this point we are pretty far down the rabbit hole.
Dlacy13g  +   650d ago
Why would you try to stand this vertical when its clearly designed to be horizontal? That like trying to lay your PC Vertical Tower on its side... its stupidly dangerous to the system and not recommended.
Magicite  +   650d ago
''From the creators of RROD, Jet sound and Disk scratch.''
Iltapalanyymi  +   650d ago
HAHAHA i cant believe this bullcrap.
mochachino  +   650d ago
I hope ms wasn't too cheap to put a bumper in the drive this time around like they were with 360.

Juuuuust in case the console gets knocked it would be nice if MS spent the extra 3 cents to save the game.
Godlovesgamers  +   650d ago
I like to keep all my consoles horizontal. Just how I roll.
Pancit_Canton  +   650d ago
Xbox One Direction
Grave  +   650d ago
Ya. In. Like an implosion.
badz149  +   650d ago

WHAT?? are you implying that instead of kids screaming on XBL, now it will be teenage girls??

H0RSE  +   650d ago
I never understood why people want to stand their consoles vertically. Like every console ever has been played horizontally - it just makes sense.
#28 (Edited 650d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
medman  +   649d ago
The engineers at Microsoft smoke crack then go to work to design Xbones.

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