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Why we should all be worried about GTA's strip clubs

While the game has been garnering five stars reviews almost across the board, there is a most insidious side to Grand Theft Auto 5 which Ed Smith highlights in this piece:
"Men with delusions about sexual harassment are playing GTA 5 now and the game is assuring them that their behaviour is okay. It's telling them that not only are they able to touch women in clubs, but in actual fact, if they do it enough, the women will sleep with them." (Culture, Grand Theft Auto V)

PoSTedUP  +   495d ago
the game talks to them in a dreamy voice "yes dave, this is ok in real life. dave, you will not be able to distinguish this game from reality. why dave, you no longer have to try and communicate with women, go out there and touch them, they'll sleep with You. now go, go out there and enjoy this world, you know, the one without laws and repercussions"

ha this guy has no braincells, that must suck.
also if you take a videogame seriously it is not the game there is something wrong with. seek help instead.
Jack_Of_All_Blades  +   494d ago
Exactly, people need to grow up and be mature about this sort of thing. I mean it isn't real people, it is a GAME
KonsoruMasuta  +   494d ago
" go out there and touch them, they'll sleep with You"

I agree with the author. The world does not work like that.
Everybody knows in real life you have to get them drunk first.
thebudgetgamer  +   494d ago
Roofie Colada?
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Abdou023  +   494d ago
They might as well not give you guns to shoot people IN THE GAME !!!
DoctorJones  +   493d ago
We're still in the game now though aren't we? I'm still Trevor aren't I?

Omg......I don't know who I am anymore, not now that I've played GTA 5. Where's my helicopter gone, I left it outside when I used my bed as a save point?
nugnugs  +   493d ago
Well said Posted.
So instead of being concerned with REAL women doing this kind of work, It's more disturbing that a digital woman is showing her Bristols?
This game is mirroring reality, not vice versa.
HonestDragon  +   494d ago
My first reaction to this article was, "Flamebait".

"This article means I've joined the ranks of morally outraged journalists, Daily Mail and Fox News types who fret about Grand Theft Auto. But honestly, with this, I think my concerns are justified."

No they aren't. You have merely joined the extroverts that say video games cause real world violence and corrupt children. You honestly believe that Grand Theft Auto V will somehow convince men that the behavior displayed in the strip clubs in Los Santos is acceptable in real life?

"Men with delusions about sexual harassment are playing GTA 5 now and the game is assuring them that their behaviour is okay. It's telling them that not only are they able to touch women in clubs, but in actual fact, if they do it enough, the women will sleep with them."

"Oh, and there's nothing the law will be able to do to stop them."

So, you're going on the assumption that just because some men are ignorant of the existence of sexual harassment that they in turn will enact the same actions they see in the game without any consequences. Yeah, that's just foolish thinking. Grand Theft Auto has always been a parody of our world. It always pushed the boundaries and led us to laugh at how stupid some things we experience are.

If your frame of mind were applied to movies and music, more people would be mimicking violence in gore movies and dress like idiot pop "musicians". Your article is narrow-minded and flamebait. This is why gamers don't like people who consider themselves journalists.
BLAKHOODe  +   494d ago
Pray for me.
I touched a digital stripper.

I expected all the politicians to jump on the video game violence band wagon, but I really don't need to be preached to about my digital sins. It's just a game!
iceman06  +   494d ago
As if politicians have ANY right to judge us. All of the lies, deceit, stealing, cheating, etc. that goes on in the government. Not to mention all of the personal stuff that is covered up until it becomes useful to another politician.
jmc8888  +   494d ago
It would be funny if there was a Tony Wiener in the game. Maybe you could follow him on LifeInvaders and have him send you a email with a special picture or have him as a patron of the strip club.

Maybe you could go hiking on those trails with Mark Stanford.

Maybe as you pull up to a hooker you find her talking to Eliot Switzer.

Tap toes under the bathroom stalls with Barry Craig.

Maybe enter a gay bar and see Charlie Krist dancing the YMCA.

All names altered. But the list could go on and on and on and on.
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Crazay  +   494d ago
Clearly the writer has never enjoyed a night out at the 'Rippers in Canada where ALL dances are prefaced with a quick speech that says "You can touch here...here...here...you can't do this... but the rest is ok".

Just sayin...The Housers have been to Canada to visit, and they have been to the strip clubs here. I Know this because my buddy who worked for Rockstar has been out with them and partied with them very very hard.
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T2  +   493d ago
Maybe in a private show but its inadvisable to touch a stripper during a live show ....
Man this author would have a field day with my first playthrough, went to strippers, bouncer said somethin to me and I knocked him and the other two out.... Havent made it into a strip joint yet lol
Crazay  +   493d ago
Depends - I've seen some stage shows get pretty touchy feely too.
Pintheshadows  +   494d ago
Where the hell is that Lovefist sleevless? I just finished the game and in 50 hours of doing pretty much everything I never came across it.
iceman06  +   494d ago
Firstly, there are some seedy clubs where this is EXACTLY what goes on...except that the sleeping with comes with strings (read CASH MONEY). Secondly, if someone has never gone to a strip club, they usually don't go alone and their friends will let them know what really goes on. Thirdly, and probably most importantly, IF that person DOES do these things in the wrong setting, there will be a quick redirect from the stripper and/or the bouncer and I promise it won't happen again.
I get tired of the assumption about men and virtual sex. Men are NOT as simple as these assumptions make them out to be. It's just mindless fun and silly fantasy...just like every GTA before and presumably after.
MrBeatdown  +   494d ago
"It's telling them that not only are they able to touch women in clubs, but in actual fact, if they do it enough, the women will sleep with them."

Exactly. Because we all obviously think what we can do in GTA is what we can do in real life.

BRB, gonna go steal me a tank.
PoSTedUP  +   494d ago
grifter024  +   494d ago
Who the hell wrote this article and how deluded are they honestly? No laws to say that you can grope a women even a stripper and get away with it? Please. You touch one in the wrong place she will tell you to stop , keep doing it and you getting your ass thrown out fast...no sex, no flirty shit, you being forced out of the club.

How do people like this actually have jobs as journalists with such wrong information? Hell I want to be a journalist if I don't need to worry about solid info.

"Video game shows you can take zoo animals, because there are no laws saying you can't."
T2  +   493d ago
Ya this game is all wrong , preach on author !

.. Your supposed to do blow in the strippers hotel room with her first , then you have sex , stuuuupid game lol
KonsoruMasuta  +   494d ago
Yes, this article is infact true. I played so much GTA that I believe that laws no longer exist and I can just out and randomly grope women until one of them wants to have sex with me./S
Remy_S  +   494d ago
This is Kotaku quality.
0pie  +   494d ago
patricia hernandez will probably do an article about how its not ok to have strip club in games.

Cheap sensationilism...
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Bathyj  +   494d ago
This isn't the first time this sort of divide between reality and fiction has caused trouble.

When I was a kid I enjoyed board games and was poisoned cos I climbed a lot of ladders and then tried to slide down a snake.
PoSTedUP  +   494d ago
dude that was so friken epic its not even funny. +1
slapsta72  +   494d ago
strip clubS?

there's only one in the game????
Scatpants  +   494d ago
Everyone knows strippers don't sleep with you if you touch them. They sleep with you if you give them lots of coke
overrated44  +   494d ago
This is way more accurate. If you're at a really sleazy strip club? Meth.
SilentNegotiator  +   493d ago
If you're on Tatooine, Death sticks and spices.
Hicken  +   494d ago
Holy crap. Not another one of these articles. And this one is worse than most others.
Kuse  +   494d ago
While I truly love the open world that GTA 5 presents, I think some of the themes presented are a bit excessive.
Discod99  +   494d ago
It's a game for adults. Its rated M. Its a hard M but still an M. Ots a free country that's what is great about this country. Every time you try to get things banned you impeaching on the freedom that we love so much. Parents watch your children's games its as simple as that. When I picked up my copy of GTAV I saw 4 moms in the store buying the game for their 10 year olds. That's the real problem.
REALZILLA  +   493d ago
WTF, is up with all the white knight crap. Do you think this is going get you brownie points with the ladies?
First it was Sessler on God of War, now is GTA 5. Should I foget the cries of faul with Tomb Raider, big boobs or getting killer by wild animals. We all forget the fem version or GOW in Heavenly sword. I really want that to come back. It made me feel like what was to be a bad ass woman. Beside if woman wanted men to protect them they would stayed in kitchen. Besides if anyone would act out anything in this game, they need to dragged out there car, stopped excessively and shot in the face. So all you that don't understand reality, come my way I let you understand.
isarai  +   493d ago
Exactly, i have yet to see women actually make a big deal about this, or even have a strong opinion of it at all(even when talking to close friends and family about it all of which are avid gamers) it really just seems like a bunch of guys trying to score some points with women, IE bring the White Knight.

the shit is getting really aggrivating
isarai  +   493d ago
Trust me no one is taking advice and life lessons from video games bedsides pre-existing psychopaths. And there shouldn't be anymore worry about GTA's strip clubs than there should be about strip clubs in real life
supes_24  +   493d ago
This stupid crap again? He starts off by saying "men....will do this thinking it's ok". Implying it's grown men, not children he's referring to that can't distinguish between real life and a video game. This guy is a moron and what sucks is that there will be other bigger morons out there who believe him and will rort this on news channels as being true. Intelligence is no longer an important factor in today's world. A pitiful time we are in.

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