Yakuza: Ishin: Another Life, Cross Play, and more revealed

Sega updated the official website for Yakuza: Ishin today with a plethora of new details, including a new “Another Life” mode where Ryoma Sakamoto and a mysterious girl named Haru take it easy on the countryside.

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Ashlen1736d ago

I'm still waiting for Yakuza 5. IMO there is about a 0.0% chance Ishin will get a western release.

Sharius1735d ago

gamers: hey sega how about the western release date?

nigel2011735d ago

I love the little babes in there! reminds me of those hotties!

Tetsdah1735d ago

Re-posting this game on gio corsi's twitter. I really want this and yakuza 5 definitely to come stateside.