Ryse:Sons of Rome - Beavers Preview

Italian Webcomic wrote:"she-wolf sons grow well"

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lifeisgamesok1677d ago

I think most people will be surprised at how good this game will be

The story sounds good so far and has many different characters

A studio used for grade-A motion capture was used by the actors

The game is already beautiful and Crytek is still polishing it

The frame rate is being improved just like DR3 and this guy just mentioned how smooth it has become

The gameplay looks smoother in the TGS multiplayer

Day 1

1677d ago
Kuse1677d ago

Day 1 purchase for me too, Cannot wait!

Gozer1677d ago

Day 1 for me as well.

Bigpappy1677d ago

This game just looks so darn pretty. Even the multiplayer is now up a notch. I am super excited for this game.